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Reducing carbon footprints will net a $20,000 reward to the three universities who can do it best. The money will go towards making the school more environmentally sustainable.

Hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy and Climate Culture, this contest started back in March and will run into October 2009.

So far, ten thousand participants of almost 450 Colleges across the United States have signed up for the challenge. At the University of Texas, everyone including teachers and regular staff have joined, and so far with their efforts, have prevented almost 32,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

The overall goal of course is to teach people to make better decisions in their daily lives towards a "greener" way of doing things.

You can visit Climate Culture and pick up on many of their valuable tips, as well as read about the contest.

Climate Culture


Interesting project going on in the UK through the Kingston University School of Surveying and Planning.

They are looking at the best ways to encourage people over the age of 65 to reduce their fuel consumption. Fuel bills are high for Pensioners and steadily rising, due to the main fact that many of these people need to be indoors for longer periods of time, which in turn creates a greater need for lights and heat.

It's been found that these people desperately want to find out how to conserve energy, and they are also deeply concerned about preserving the planet for their grandchildren.

The project is working to compile a huge booklet full of tips, as well as putting out leaflets, CD's, factsheets and any other way possible to provide useful information to this group. Training programs to staff at community centres visited mostly by the senior crowd, can help teach the seniors as well through seminars and workshops that will be offered. The project is currently concentrated in communities across London and South East England. Hopefully within the next few years as it gains in popularity, it will spread across the entire United Kingdom.

What a great idea to specifically target this group, and assist them with something they may not be sure how to control.


Admittedly, the race-cars that produce carbon emissions every weekend is not good, and NASCAR has been taken to task for not taking any steps to reduce the effects on the environment.

They have decided to make the effort, and will plant 10 new trees for every green flag at ten tracks starting now, and at every track as of 2010.

The tree planting program is just one part of their green initiative. There is land conservation and recycling programs and strong waste management at all NASCAR-sanctioned race tracks. They make sure all oils, fluids, tires and batteries are recycled. In fact, since 2004, over fifty million dollars has been poured into advertising that promotes reducing emissions, better mileage, and overall thorough car care.

They are striving to lead the way in green initiatives in motorsports. Hopefully many more will follow their lead.

As others strive to do their part towards green-living-improvements, let's continue to do ours!

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