Welcome to Carbon News Monthly for December 2009 where we find out what others are up to in the world of carbon-footprint-reduction.

Did you have the most environmentally-friendly christmas display at your house this year?

Many communities, big or small, give prizes and/or honorable mentions to citizens for their outdoor christmas decorating efforts and abilities. During the Christmas season, people love to make an evening of it, and see the lights in their neighbourhoods.

More and more frequently, we see a newer category that focuses on the use of recycled materials and eco-friendly lights.

At Copenhagen's City Hall Square this season, a 55-foot tree was decorated with 700 LED bulbs, with 15 bicycles connected to power-up the lights in specific sections. Volunteers were invited to pedal as long as they wanted to keep the tree lit. (No, not suggesting you do this for your decorations) Anyway, it was apparently quite a sight to see, and just went to show that something beautiful could be created in this way. Good way to get a bit of a workout and have a little fun too.

As 2010 fast approaches and New Years' Resolutions are in the making, add eco-friendly decorating to your list for next Christmas season, if you didn't consider it this year.

If not just at your own house, try and make it an additional category for decorating in your own town. How could you be refused?

The University students of Colorado have been challenged

The Environmental Center of Colorado University is asking students to sign a pledge to adopt eco-friendly habits, even just one or two would be great. The university will donate $5.00 to projects on the campus for every pledge received. The money will go towards making campus buildings much more water and energy efficient.

The administration has budgeted for this to the tune of almost $70,000 and students can choose from up to 10 different kinds of pledge options to follow. They only require a limit of three though, because they would be much easier to remember.

The options include everything from stopping junk mail to using more eco-friendly modes of transportation. It's also great incentive and encouragement to new students arriving as freshmen to be environmentally responsible. They mainly want to get across the message that it's ok and "cool" to be this way.

Here's hoping that they spend all of that money!

Try Skating On A Cutting Board

Yup...that's exactly how it's referred to.

Heard of a synthetic ice rink? There's one going in at Myrtle Beach South Carolina at the Market Common.

This ice rink does not require water or electricity to operate, and this is perfect for the climate there. The unique polymer plastic is just like the consistency of a gigantic white cutting board.

The way it goes together is like a puzzle in 8 foot sheets. These sheets are treated with a lubricating solution that enhances the gliding and the skating experience in respect to speed. The skaters will definately feel like they are on real ice.

It is hoped that the rink will bring tourist dollars to vendors in the area.

Sounds like a fun thing to try out, and as many as 50 people can skate at any one time.

On a final note for 2009, is your real tree down and waiting for the garbage pick-up? Bring it back onto the property. Snip the branches for mulch, or stand it up in snow if you can and let the birds get shelter over the winter from it. You can still attach suet balls for them too.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2010.

As others strive to do their part towards green-living-improvements, let's continue to do ours!

Until next time,



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