Welcome to Carbon News Monthly for September 2010 where we find out what others have been up to in the world of carbon reduction.

Could Car Free Living Be For You?

Markus Heller, a European planning expert spoke in Montreal in September during "Car Free Neighbourhoods" week.

The goal? Inspire Montrealers to consider how cars affect quality of life, health and the environment.

European and German cities in particular are banning car traffic in neighbourhoods. This is in response to the wishes of people living in the cities.

Stellwerk 60 is a 450-unit housing development in Cologne, Germany. Its' streets are zoned for use by pedestrians and cyclists only. For the relatively few residents who own cars, parking is available at the perimeter of the neighbourhood.

There is a car-sharing service which is similar to a Montreal system called "Communauto" and these cars are also on the perimeter of the neighbourhood. People can use trolleys, carts or bikes which are supplied, to transport goods from the cars to their homes in the neighbourhood.

The only exception to vehicle use in Stellwerk are Emergency, moving vans and delivery services.

It was at first thought that only "poor people" and students would want to live in a place like this, but this has not been the case. All types of people live here, and appreciate the safety of the neighbourhood for themselves and their kids, plus the benefit of providing greener recreational spaces.

Heard of the Carbon Disclosure Project?

According to them, the 500 largest companies in the world are responsible for more than ten percent of global emissions. 65% have a carbon emission reduction target in place, but only 19% have made significant progress.

This report, written by Price waterhouse Coopers, says that out of ten commercial companies, 9 cite climate change initiatives as future opportunities for business. Half of the largest businesses in the world have included climate change as a part of their future ideas for business strategy.

Green Expo, Lecanto Florida

Hosted by the Citrus County Extension Service and in Association with the University of Florida, this event draws thousands of interested residents who want to know everything they can about how to make life easier in regards to products and techniques they can put to use and take a meaningful part in planet responsibility.

Here, you can find out about environmentally responsible landscaping, eco-friendly home construction, solar energy, energy-efficient cars, and even chemicals used in the home. There are vendors displaying products, and informational displays by 4-H clubs.

Children and adults alike are delighted by live presentations involving butterflies and ladybugs and their presence and purpose in the ecosystem.

Plan to attend this Fall event if you live in the area, and get informed on the latest in green living.

China More Realistic than Western World?

Columnist Thomas Friedman of the New York Times has concluded that the green jobs are more plentiful overseas. He says that there is no argument over climate change and global warming by the Chinese.

While everyone still argues about the issue in America (and many do), the Chinese are retooling everything from farmland to factories to meet 21st century challenges. In other words, they have turned the issue into quite a big economic opportunity to save money, become much more energy efficient and a global leader in the field as well.

What do you think? Think on this side of the globe, still too many doubters? Food for thought.

As others strive to do their part towards green living and carbon reduction improvements, let's still continue to do ours!

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