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In other parts of the world...

Did you know that after careful analysis of some major roadways in the UK, the lights are going off!

The UK Roadways Agency has been doing this a bit at a time for awhile now. They determine what areas don't need to be lit up and as of today, have shut off the lights for at least 50 miles in 14 different spots. They say they hope to achieve an annual reduction in carbon emissions by over 800 tonnes. They also say that communities do not benefit from "light pollution."

Safety is always the most important issue, and of course this issue is studied very very carefully before they make their decisions on what areas can safely go without lighting overnight.

Queens Hospital New York Green Team Challenge

Since responding with a "yes" to a challenge to New York City Hospitals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, New York City Queens hospital is halfway to their carbon emissions goal and apparently ahead of schedule.

The hospital "green team" continues to find great ways to improve the facility and their practices. They have partnered with "Stericycle" which is a waste management company, and they concentrate on the following areas: pharmaceutical and medical waste disposal, solid waste disposal, Sharps disposal, and the recycling of paper, plastics, metals and glass.

And in our world?

Green party celebrations for kids and adults getting together can be entertaining and great fun. They don't cost much or are wasteful of paper products or other such materials.

Here are some ideas you might like to think about when planning any "parties" in the future.

No need for a costume, come as you are please!

Phone-calls (no paper invites) informing potential guests of a "come as you are party" can be hilarious and fun. You never know how people are going to show-up. No need for store-bought costumes that may never get used again.

This is an interesting and specific type of party that people are kind of expecting, they just never know exactly when, but eager to participate. That's the fun part and it does happen to be "green" and eco-friendly.

An Evening Under the Stars

Is there a meteor shower happening? Have some friends over (if you share this common and popular interest in Astronomy) and gaze at the night sky. Have your guests bring their own lawn and deck chairs or a blanket for the lawn.

Supply light snacks and treats (green and organic of course) to your visitors. It's a great way to socialize with friends, enjoy enjoy some conversation, and you just never know what you might see up there. My husband would love this...he IS a star-gazer!

Make your outdoor get-togethers "Potluck"

Hostesses can use a break. If you tell your guests that your party theme is "green" this is the time to encourage them to bring their own light meal as a contribution. Ask them to prepare something "organic style" and purchase locally.

It's amazing how more and more people are very understanding of this concept and happy to accommodate.

Be sure to use cutlery and dishes that are reusable for next time too. Nothing to throw away in the landfill. As for outdoor lighting, LED low energy strings of lights are lovely and decorative.

Children love slumber parties

I sure remember these and they are perfect as being eco-friendly. Young or older, an evening in the back-yard in a tent sharing scary stories or playing board games with a flashlight are just a few of the many activities that can make the evening fun. This gets kids away from tv, telephones and video games too for a change.

Make your slumber party an actual cook-out (instead of cooking indoors). Roast some marshmallows. Don't allow individual cans or bottles. Again use washable cutlery and plates, and provide reusable drinking glasses.

Recyclable Craft Party

Know some crafters? Plan an evening for close friends or start a group yourself. Make a fun evening of it, and throw a crafting party. One rule? The items used have to be from recyclable materials only that people already have.

Have everyone bring things from home to start with and pool them. From there, plan your parties around seasonal themes or special holidays as they come up in the year and put those items to good use making something useable for the holiday.

With the collective talents of your group, you are sure to come up with some pretty interesting items. Sounds like a good idea especially around Christmas time.

As others are striving to do their part towards green living and carbon reduction improvements on a larger scale, let's still continue to do ours at home as best we can!

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