Welcome to Carbon News Monthly for August 2010 where we find out what others have been up to in the world of carbon-footprint-reduction.

Carbon Trust UK

A survey recently published out of Britain actually reported that of 200 big companies, Managers admitted that they didn't know yet what kind of a carbon footprint they made. They hadn't measured it yet, or set targets at all towards carbon reduction.

These admissions were from senior financial managers that have at least 500 people on their payrolls. With the belief that businesses will have to pay eventually for their carbon emissions, it seems odd that steps haven't been taken yet by many to figure out how to reduce as much as possible, and it's the financial managers of these companies who would play a vital role in deciding how it's to be done. The results of the survey are surprising actually, because it's compulsory for companies in the UK to in fact report on emissions under the Carbon Reduction Committment, which deals with energy efficiency.

Due to the fact that fines will be levied for not registering the information on time, and substantial fines included as well for every day over the regisration deadline, it is expected that many companies will comply at the last minute.

Companies are realizing more and more that the carbon costs of doing business costs them, and needs to be dealt with eventually, but the sooner the better.

I recently did a writeup on the Carbon Trust UK, which works extensively in this field among other projects. You can read what they do and how they help companies with this very thing at Carbon Trust UK

Walmart Improves Upon Recycling

Walmart is apparently working on a new and improved recycling program. Instead of everything going into trash compactors, Walmart employees are now separating plastics, cardboard, paper and organic materials. Actually, I thought this would have been something being done a long time ago. Better late than never, I guess.

Freiburg Germany
An Eco-Friendly Haven

Freiburg Germany is fast becoming a haven for eco-friendly tourism and a place to live. Did you know that 35 percent of the people who live there don't own cars? The people there live in "green" homes, and their businesses are run from commercial buildings that are about as green and eco-friendly as you can get.

The projects that are worked on in Freiburg, produce 4 times the energy needed to operate these structures fully.

To quote the well-known eco-friendly supporter of going-green, Linda Rembowski, "Germany not only jumped on that green train, they cranked it up, and are tenaciously propelling it down the sustainable future track."

Back To School Green Dorm Tips

Since it's that time to go back to school, and more and more Colleges and Universities are looking to green-up their campus, the Carbonfund has useful tips for students to green up their dorm rooms. Not much space to work with, but all the more reason. And, considering how long really a student will spend their time there, again, all the more reason to reduce carbon footprints.

Don't buy new furniture for your room. Bring what you can from home, or at least go to Craigslist or a marketplace to buy a desk, chair or whatever you need.

Consider sharing a mini-fridge with someone on your floor. Maybe a small tv as well. I'd like to add, that space is so limited, and "appliances" allowed in the rooms are minimal anyway.

Make good use of power-strips to turn off un-used electronics at all times. Encourage this amongst classmates.

Invest in reusable water bottles. Some cafes give discounts if they see that is what you are using.

Did you know that the Carbonfund partners with and supports various schools on projects to go Carbon neutral and reduce their carbon footprints? Encourage your school to think about it.

As others strive to do their part towards green living and carbon reduction improvements, let's still continue to do ours!

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