Carbon-Trust-UK Established 2001

Created by Government, the Carbon-Trust-UK strives for a low-carbon-economy which is in the focus of their mission.

Helping businesses and organizations to reduce CO2 emissions, has saved an extraordinary amount of money daily through improved carbon energy efficiency.

This company is involved in so many aspects of greenhouse emission reduction. Their projects cover quite a variety of subjects in regard to low carbon technology projects they research.

  • Solar Energy

  • Wind Energy

  • Marine

  • Transportation

  • Lighting

  • Heating/Power

  • Energy Storage

  • Building

  • Geothermal

I'm sure some have been missed here, they do so much to cover so many areas, and are involved in projects worldwide, not just in Britain.

Energy efficient equipment can be financed through loans from the Carbon Trust and are available to small and medium sized companies to aid in reducing their own carbon emissions.

The Trust works with companies towards measuring the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the products they produce.

The products are able to carry the Carbon Footprint Label on their products, but must be committed to reducing their footprint every two years. This is available through another subsidiary company.

For measuring and reducing emissions year after year, The Carbon Standard is awarded by the Carbon-Trust as well.

CO2 Consultants are used mainly by large Corporations and Organizations. They can determine where carbon gasses are emitted the most, and how to reduce by providing advice for solutions and maintaining or improving upon company performance at the same time.

This not only makes a statement to employees, but it says something to customers, investors and the public as a whole. It portrays a positive appearance.

A positive appearance is not only a moral issue, but positive business practices and committment attracts new business, business ventures and partnerships.

The Carbon-Trust works hard to make this happen for everyone.

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