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“To preserve our planet, scientists tell us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 392 parts per million to below 350 ppm.”

In Silver City New Mexico, a group of school kids recently held a "no carbon footprint" day. They were to choose an item to "use" and show how it leaves no footprint.

They chose the subject of transportation, and paraded bikes and skateboards around their town to display the concept. This was a simple a small gesture, but it was a beginning for this young social studies class to understand the idea of carbon footprint reduction and the positive effects.

Speaking of transportation, Dominos Pizza of Australia (a huge pizza delivery company) are launching electric scooters as just one of their new sustainability initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint.

These environmentally-friendly electric scooters will be replacing the current, and have been designed to ensure good service and reduce environmental impacts.

My Favorite Time of Year

What I love about this time of year since Thanksgiving and Halloween for me are both in the same month, is that the decor inside and out covers both events.

Be creative when decorating and take advantage of fall folliage, pumpkins, gourds, nuts, pinecones and natural candle-light.

These simple subtle decorations inside and out can make a powerful display that matches both occasions perfectly.

Mums are a must; I like to buy a few for the rust and gold colors, and some of them can be replanted. There is a purple variety that comes back, and I know there are others. So, replant them and see what happens. Not promising, but you never know.

Large leaf branches make for lovely decoration for Thanksgiving day. They won't last forever of course, but make some bundles from branches and put some at your front door in a pot, or stick them in large plants indoors.

A vase with some branches with red and orange leaves makes a lovely but simple centrepiece on a dinner table. A clear bowl holding some gourds, and/or some candles surrounded by a variety of leaves at the base looks really nice as well.

I can buy little gourds at the corner store for .25 cents; they can also be composted as well. These are extremely easy, cheap and eco-friendly ways to decorate your table.

Halloween is such a fun time of the year for children and grown-ups, but it can add up to tons of waste. Keep these tips in mind to make Halloween a little more eco-friendly and reduce carbon footprints.

Opt for organic treats (they ARE good) and if for nothing else, in consideration of better health.

Make your own halloween costume from what you already have either for you or the kids. Take a look through old costumes, wigs, accessories, jewellery, hats, everyday clothing and clothing you may soon be parting with. Don't buy new, try to resuse. Give the kids your recycleable canvas shopping bags to trick or treat with; don't buy the plastic. We all know, even a pillowcase works (and holds more goodies too).

When Halloween is over? Keep what you can for next year from the costumes to the decor.

Keep the pumpkin seeds and toast them for a great snack. If you don't like them, I know the squirrels do. Compost the rest, or puree and freeze for muffins and cookies.

Going green in as many ways as possible means good for the environment, but it’s also advantageous for you. When you conserve resources, you save money and that's something most of us are quite happy to live with.

Be sure to visit Halloween Carbon Footprint and Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving for lots more detail.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Halloween to everyone!

As others are striving to do their part towards green living and carbon reduction improvements on a larger scale, let's still continue to do ours at home as best we can!

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