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Our world is becoming more and more eco-conscious, and we are being called upon to lower our own personal carbon footprints daily.

The huge companies out there try to limit their footprints through carbon offsets and heavy investment into projects having to do with renewable energy.

I can't afford heavy investment in wind or reforestation projects unfortunately.

But what I can do within my own yard, and in my own home is try to continue to stick to the three "r"s which are reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.

"But, We Can't Forget About The "Water"

While water isn't strictly energy, it IS a resource that we need to preserve and take care of.

Here are some more tips on how to cut down and/or make the most of your water usage, and especially over the summer months:

You know the smallest of "detail" can go a long way.

When we think about conserving water around the house, we all tend to say "yes I know...don't take baths anymore, take shorter showers, don't water your lawn" etc.

But, alot revolves just around the kitchen sink believe it or not. And how much time do we spend at our sinks? Way too much I know.

Keep a large bowl in your sink at all times to catch the water when peeling veggies, or rinsing out a coffee pot.

Don't let it go down the drain. That catch-water is full of nutrients for watering and fertilizing your indoor plants. Cooking water does the same thing.

Let it cool and use it. Try it, you'll see a difference.

They say that if it's really hot, it actually kills weeds if poured around the plant and the roots quickly.

Simple Rinsing

We should all know by now to scrape dinner plates into a compost bucket. Now, pile your dishes in the sink and as you rinse each one with just a bit of water, the water level will rise slowly and everything underneath begins to pre-soak.

Lots of water (and your muscles) savings here by not filling a sink separately to pre-soak. Also remember, you don't always need hot water to rinse or soak. I am still guilty of this habit myself, and have to remember to switch to cold water.

Did you know that just a few inches of warm soapy water will save about 5 gallons of water if you are careful?

Portable Dishwashers

Dishwashers that are portable and drain into the sink can serve another purpose if you do use one.

Have a small kitchen? Trap that water and let it cool into the "room." Let the heat from the water sit and warm the air. Sounds a little crazy, but it's true. Why pour "good" hot water down the drain to flow away?

It's the same idea as leaving your oven door open after it's been turned off. You release the warm air back into your kitchen, not let it stay in an enclosed space to cool. Get the benefit from it! This saves on energy too!

Consider ways to get water from the shower to the garden and use this water for your plants.

Redirect waste-water from all sinks, to the garden if you have the means to do it.

If you are successful in re-directing your bathroom and kitchen water to the garden and have it connected to hoses around the garden, puncture the hoses with holes which will allow the water to filter out in all different directions instead of from one end only to one spot. 

This lets the water to soak in to a much deeper level and stimulates the roots of your plants to grow longer. They will be much more hearty and strong too. The plant will effectively do it's own search for moisture when needed.

Another great result from trying to re-use waste-water?

You will instinctively look for and be ecouraged to use harmless soaps and laundry detergents as well. And that is a bonus in itself.

Do you have any specific tips on carbon footprint reduction and what you do around the home you might want to share?

Please feel free to share along with the others who already have at our going green page. It doesn't have to be a specific tip. It's for opinions too on the whole concept. Would love to hear from you!

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