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Carbon News Monthly, Issue #25
September 10, 2012

Hello and Welcome,

Global News in the World of Carbon Footprints

It's being reported that the Hospitality Industry is steadily increasing their knowledge of sustainability. Guests, whether Corporate or just everyday tourists, can expect a larger degree of "green" options upon arrival. They are liking these options too, as consumers are becoming more and more concerned about the environment.

The proven energy technologies are creating opportunities for the green Hoteliers to use rebates, low interest funding and incentives to reduce their water and energy useage, so certainly Hotel owners are taking advantage of saving money.

Still, some do remain skeptical (investors and hotel owners) as vendors and consultants push their wares that advertise "green" ecofriendly services and new products. For some, it's definately going to take awhile to be convinced.

In the Auto Industry, Honda has unveiled it's 3rd stage plan for reducing it's emissions through customer use, while in Scotland, Public Service Agencies are reducing carbon emissions through travel by opting for electric cars and vans for business use.

This includes fire and police services among others, and a partnership has been formed to lease or buy electric vehicles with low carbon outputs.

Committed to protecting the environment, Scottish Officials also want to test out performance not just for themselves in terms of efficiency, but to also show the public that they are being responsible with public funding.

I hear that the Pope has acquired an electric car recently?

Do you believe that man is responsible for climate change?

Global warming is such a controversial subject, isn't it?

Whether you believe or not, there are still things you can do which to me, just make good common sense anyway around the home to save money, reduce on what isn't needed, and make use of what is free and available.

If you can't support people in your own community, who can you support?

Buy what you need locally. The fuel used by vehicles to transport our foods to us like fruits and veggies creates a huge carbon footprint through greenhouse gas emissions. When it is possible? Support your neighbours.

Go a step further and keep packaging down. Buy fruits and vegetables loose to further reduce trash.

Whatever happened to the good old tap? Bottled water is not necessary. I'm never going to convince my other half of this and it really bugs me. We are stuck with alot of extra additional recycling over this and additional costs buying it.

Share on transportation costs and inefficient use of gas.

I see too many people travelling to the same location daily in 6 different vehicles, 6 drivers. It's crazy. Carpool. You will save money and this is one of the biggest single changes to your own carbon footprint you will ever make.

There are different brands of energy saving lightbulbs out there that run on up to 80% less power useage.

What people don't like is the quality of light they get. I hear you, but you have to experiment.

When you need to replace the standard bulbs you have, try something different. You are sure to find something that will work just fine for you. When you do settle on one, you will find they last much longer in the long run.

And remember to get in the habit of turning lights off when you aren't in the room. It just takes a second. Why waste and pay for the extra electricity?

Save further on your electric bill and stretch your clothesline useage to the max.

The rainier and cooler season is in the air, but these cooler windier days are the best days for drying the laundry. Watch the weather report like I just did. Save it up for the semi-summery days we will still get (I know, it's only September) and do your laundry then. It's less work really and everything smells better now than it did in June I find.

Speaking of Fall in the air, the one thing I love about it, is that the decorations can go out now and they cover right up to Thanksgiving and that covers Halloween too. The colors are all pertinent to each event and the seasonal months in general.

I'm resisting the urge to buy some new little decorative pics.

I've been using the same ones for years now, but I've found that by simply doing some rearranging in pots around the house for decoration outside is enough.

I've also put to use my chinese lanterns from the garden into a picture frame this year that adds a pretty splash of decorative orange color to it. Leaves aren't turning yet, but I see some sumac that can be picked and added as well, for that burnt dark red color.

I did a craft article last year on how to recycle some light up christmas gift boxes; spruce them up actually. Last winter did do a final number on them, and so they are now finished, the boxes that is. However, not the "wiring/hardware part" that holds the lights - that still works just fine.

My husband has snipped that part out for me and over the Fall, I'll simply light up the pumpkins outside instead.

Looking for some Thrifty Autumn Decorating tips? Check out this page if you are looking for some ideas.

Do you have any specific tips on carbon footprint reduction and what you do around your home you might want to share?

Please feel free to share along with the others who already have at our going green page. It doesn't have to be a specific tip. It's for opinions too on the whole concept. We'd love to hear from you.

As for decorating inside? I don't do too much this way, but I did discover that you CAN use oranges and olive oil to make some beautiful little indoor candles for your table, kitchen island, counter, whatever you like. Heard about this, and just had to try it for myself. My husband was shaking his head and rolling his eyes at me, but after a few trys, I can tell you it works and he was quite amazed. So was I!

I took some pictures, and will be posting a page soon on the site about it. Larger oranges and better cutting skills are in order though.

Anyway, a pretty cheap, eco-friendly and very natural burning candle that smells lovely!! And "orange" too. How very appropriate for one of the colors of the season.

Talk to you again first week of October.

Until next time,


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