How To Make A
Milk Carton Birdfeeder

by Marion

Birds Need To Eat Many Times Daily

Birds Need To Eat Many Times Daily

Learning how to make a milk carton birdfeeder is really quick and easy. Birdfeeders are fun for kids and adults to make, and we don't realize just how much the birds need them. They do need a certain amount of nutrition everyday so that they can survive.

Making a birdfeeder is much less expensive rather than buying one, especially when most people have milk cartons or juice cartons around.

You can make a juice carton birdfeeder too. Why throw it in the garbage when you can make something useful out of it?

You don't need too many supplies to make this.

If you decide to paint your feeder, just make sure the paint is waterbased, and this way, the
birds won't be harmed at all if they should swallow it by accident.

The following supplies are needed:

a hole punch


water-based paint; any items you want to decorate your carton with

good strong string

2 long strong sticks or wooden rods of some kind

Wash the milk or juice carton really well and make sure it's thoroughly dried.

Paint your carton with your paint, or decorate with whatever items you have chosen.

Cut out squares part-way up (like a doorway) out of the 4 sides of the carton so the bird can fit his head into it.

Make a hole below the square with your hole-punch, and run the sticks through. This will form a "t" shape, and make sure they extend long
enough for the bird to stand on and reach the food.

Cover the bottom of the carton with your bird seed.

To hang up the feeder with some string, punch out a hole at the top of the carton and run the string through it.

These feeders don't last forever in the weather, but to make a milk carton birdfeeder doesn't take long and it's very creative for kids and quite inexpensive.

Recycling your milk cartons and juice cartons is much better than throwing them away.

Depending on the kind of seed you use, you will attract different types of birds all of the time.

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