Compact Fluorescent-Light-Bulbs
Green Home Lighting

Switch to compact fluorescent-light-bulbs or recessed-lighting and start saving the environment and money.

The use of this type of lighting will green up your current home lighting system, and is the best way to start reducing your energy budget. Taking advantage of the advanced technology can reduce your household costs by fifty percent or more and provide up to 4 times more energy efficiency.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

The spiral shaped bulbs you see are the new form of lighting. They use 75% less energy than the regular or incandescent bulbs (as we know them) and last years longer. The spiral is actually just one form, as they come in different forms, such as globe shaped, dome-covered, candelabra, and so on.

They provide the same levels of lighting we are used to. In fact the light has a little warmer glow. They can be dimmed like regular bulbs. They come in different colors too.

These bulbs cost a bit more, but so they should, because they last so much longer, are worth it, and will pay for themselves quickly.

Shopping Tips To Consider

Make sure the bulbs will fit. There are still home fixtures that can't use the larger fluorescent-light-bulbs.

Choose the Energy Star Label for maximum energy efficiency.

Purchase 3-way lamps. This allows you to dim and only use energy that is needed. This is better than lighting up an entire room.

Start thinking in terms of pointing light where you need it most.

Change to lights focused directly onto your kitchen counter work area or kitchen sink.

In bigger work areas, large fluorescent bulbs work well in laundry rooms, and over garage work benches.

Minifluorescent-bulbs work well as night lights.

Recessed-lighting is available as well.

Compact fluorescent lights should be used instead of halogen lamps.

Halogen-lamps are so hot, they really are fire hazzards. I've had a few over the years and gotten rid of them. The CFL will use up 80% less energy, and certainly don't generate the heat of the halogen bulb torchieres do.

FACT - If you replace 4 standard lightbulbs with the CFL ones you will actually save as much as 5000 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted over the life of the bulbs.

cfl bulb

These lights are not without their faults. They are not meant to provide bright direct lighting, as on a store display.

They can be used outside, but should be protected against the elements.

They are a bit sensitive to being continuously turned off and on frequently throughout the day. The lifetime hours become somewhat decreased.

There is a way to dispose of fluorescent light bulbs because of the mercury content that should be considered.

If you should drop one, there are some steps to follow for handling a broken cfl bulb properly to pick it up and dispose of it.

The switch from the common lightbulb as we know it is inevitable and happening in stages everywhere. The provincial bulb ban in British Columbia Canada has some consumers rather upset.

Keep your fluorescent-light-bulbs clean. 50% of light is blocked by dust and dirt.

Just as you would any lights, no matter what type they are turn them off when they aren't needed.

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Read up on T-8 Florescent Tube Lights and more information on Energy Saving Lights at The Green Homes Consultant.

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