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Facts About Earth Day

Important to so many, earth-day-worldwide represents unity in planet-preservation, and the search for solutions to current environmental issues.

Celebrating-Earth-Day for some, just means a continuance of concerns for the planet and actively practicing a lifestyle which will preserve it. For others, hopefully it incites a new way of thinking and following the same route eventually.

Earth Day is clebrated on 2 different dates.

The April 22nd date originated in the 1960's when it was first introduced by the former Senator Gaylord Nelson.

March 21st celebrates the spring-equinox. Since Spring signifies new beginnings and re-birth it is appropriate to many people that Earth Day be celebrated at this time.

And so, different dates in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, but the concept and the passions are the same.

A sincere love for the planet Earth and the desire to preserve it in any way possible is always the focus.

Earth-day-worldwide celebrations are varied and supported by the United Nations.

There are prominent public speakers who promote environmentally responsible living. Environmental issues are discussed and progress made in certain areas are announced.

Ongoing problems that are harming the earth and possible solutions are explored.

The range of subject matter grows every year as more concerns arise.

As more people have become familiar with Earth Day, more and more countries have become involved. There are Fairs and Festivals with food, dancing, entertainment and even parades.

Some of these events promote specific areas of interest like organic farming and alternative energy to name a few.

The message is simple and that is to educate the population about what is happening with our planet and how we as a people can improve our conditions and surroundings.

Could It Be Your Target Date For Change?

Some people actually use Earth Day as their target date to meet the goals they have set for themselves to improve their own conditions. Some use it as the day to begin making positive contributions to the Earth-Day-Worldwide movement.

...............It's never too late to recycle...............Start reducing clutter...............Begin to compost at home..........Plant a tree

Take Part In Earth Hour Phenomenon In March

Needless to say, Earth Day is celebrated in classrooms around the globe.

What better group than young minds to instill a passion for the Earth and the desire to preserve it?

The classes hold and present activities like environmental fairs, games, plays that demonstrate environmental issues, special projects and displays. It could even involve a special field-trip.

These activites are presented to the public and sometimes involve the public directly as well.

See How Toyota Canada Works With Students and Earth Day

How Will You Celebrate Earth Day?

You can do a number of things either individually or as a family.

You can visit any of the festivities going in in your community or local school. Support those kids!

You can make it a point to educate yourself about a specific environmental subject you don't know much about.

Take part in a particular activity like picking up litter in the neighbourhood, or organize this yourself.

Change your mode of transportation for just one day. Walk, ride a bike, or use public transportation.

Change shopping habits - opt for locally grown food only.

Be the one to start the recycling program at home or at work if it's not being done already.

Strike up a conversation. Offer some tips to those who don't know where to start to implement their own ideas and concerns for contributing to the welfare of the planet.

Help fund a project by purchasing carbon offsets.

Plant a new tree in your yard. It's good for the air.

Pay a great tribute to Earth Day by doing some Earth Day Crafts with the kids. Take advantage of recycled items and Nature.

Trees absorb CO2, Plant One! Preserve and take care of the trees on your property.

Caring For Trees involves knowing when storm damage demands special professional attention to save your tree.

Anything you can do is a contribution to the Earth-Day-Worldwide celebrations. Hopefully, you will carry it over for the remainder of the year and always.

Earth-Day-Worldwide should really mean "everyday."

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