Green-Gift-Giving For The
Greenest People On Your List

Choose green-gift-giving specific items as great ideas for the green lifestyle lover of eco-friendly-gifts. The environmentally responsible consumer or eco-conscious-shoppers keep certain guidelines in mind when doing any kind of shopping whether it's for something personal, something for the home, or something for someone else.

And the green-giftee? Well, they have the same considerations in mind when receiving a present.

Everyone is a consumer. Most everyone likes to receive a gift as well, but if you're not exactly sure as a shopper what green-gift-giving entails, here are some possibilities to consider.

Various terms come to mind. Simplicity, natural, homemade, recycled and organic are just a few and can play a big part in your green-gift-giving guidelines.

One general tip to follow is to keep in mind that very little or no packaging at all is best.

Gift certificates for example, require very little packaging and involve little or no transportation.

Be sure to choose a local or environmentally friendly business that specializes in eco-friendly-presents.

A non-materialistic gift is a great idea such as tickets to a movie, a show, or an admission ticket to any local event, a museum, or a gallery.

A charitable donation can be especially meaningful to someone if it goes to a cause they are passionate about such as protecting the wildlife or protecting the environment in some way.

Buying handmade local crafts such as knitted hats, mitts, sweaters, slippers, quilts, christmas decorations, baby outfits and numerous items like this are often for sale through various Ladies Church Group Teas, and Hospital Auxillary Bazaars.

You would be purchasing something handcrafted, of good quality, and helping out in supporting their causes as well. This is especially helpful if you don't do crafts yourself.

Make something homemade from the kitchen if you aren't that good at crafts. Everyone loves homemade cooking.

Looking for a hostess gift for the "green hostess?" Give the gift of homemade preserves or baked goods.

How about a homemade cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving or Christmas?

With a few used jars and just minimal spices, you can add your personal touch with your own Mulled Wine Recipe for family and friends. They will love and appreciate this form of green-gift-giving.

Or, you can put the ingredients for soups or cookies in a jar layered nicely, with the recipe instructions attached.

There are syrups, sugar sweeteners, or spice blends you can put together all useful in everyday cooking and much appreciated by anyone who loves to create in the kitchen.

If you still aren't this brave, put together a basket of new kitchen items like wooden spatulas, new measuring spoons, a special recipe book or recipe cards - whatever you like. A few organic fruits with recipes are nice.

Organic gifts from places that don't impact the environment are important.

Of course you can always support Organic Fair Trade products that provide opportunities to purchase chocolate, tea, coffee, and even jewellery. There are so many choices, and you are helping to support hard-working families at the same time.

Present your gift elegantly. Learn the art of Furoshiki Gift Wrap techniques, and what makes it so eco-friendly.

green gift bag

Gifts from nature can be seen and appreciated as symbols of growth, life or new beginnings in different ways.

A tree, bush, shrub or a houseplant (which are all good for cleaning the air) can be a perfect gift to celebrate the new year, a wedding, the birth of a baby, or even the coming of Spring.

This certainly encourages gardening skills and the desire to watch and learn how something grows.

Think about giving a gardening starter kit which could include seeds, a gardening book, gardening gloves, a flower pot or watering pail.

Be sure to include instructions for planting and proper care of the plant you are giving.

This is an excellent environmentally-friendly-gift to give someone and an a good choice as a green-gift-giving idea.

A magazine subscription for eco-magazines or books are great for green living people.

They help to build their own knowledge and would be something that would truly interest them. An organic gardening magazine can be a great addition to the gardening gift, and the best thing is, it can be passed on to enlighten and teach someone else when it comes to their own green projects and ideas. They are really quite timeless.

Make up a spa-basket for someone including organic soaps, bath salts, organic beauty products and paraben-free skin care products or gift certificates for facials, pedicures, manicures, or massages. (Personal services such as these are just what someone may need, but may not buy for themselves.)

By the way, "parabens" are synthetic preservatives found in a number of products that are thought to duplicate estrogen and damage our hormone system. If this is a concern, look specifically for paraben-free on the labels.

Be sure to include a nice reuseable wooden basket to present your items in.

The Organic Skin Care Shop offers a huge selection of hand-blended Organic Skin Care Products .

A green cleaning starter kit is a welcomed gift containing all the tools needed for the kitchen and elsewhere in the house.

You can include basic kitchen items like vinegar, baking soda, reuseable plastic spray bottles, a homemade recipe cleaning book, microfiber cleaning cloths, and essential oils for fresheners. Your kit can can be loaded up with any number of green-gift-giving items.

Did you know that a cloth is as good as 10 rolls of paper towel?

Parents will appreciate no lead and non-toxic items.

Kids will appreciate it too. You can make homemade play dough and put it in a reuseable container that can be used over and over.

Wooden toys last forever and are great for handing down many times over to other children. Consider something as long-lasting as wood products when green-gift-giving for kids.

Recycle by Regifting Don't be afraid to regift something. Lots of people do it.

The green living person would think this just makes so much sense when it comes to green-gift-giving. Savings makes sense too! If you can't use something someone else bought you and someone else can, why not?

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