Environmentally Friendly Funeral Alternatives

Committing to an eco-friendly-burial may satisfy the wishes of believers in the green-burial-movement. This way of choosing a final resting place will be much more socially responsible.

Choosing an environmentally friendly burial can ease the anxieties of those deeply committed to their present green-lifesyle and all it stands for in preserving the planet.

People can do their bit as environmentally-responsible citizens even in death if they so desire.

A huge issue with the funeral industry has always been the cost of the traditional funeral service, and the worries associated with being prepared personally with the funds to pay for it, or the worry about family members being burdened.

Whether people can afford it or not, family members hate to see so much cost, when the money could be left to relatives for another use as they see fit.

Natural burials are being offered at different levels and there are eco-friendly cemetary locations worldwide, such as in Canada, the US and the UK. There are Councils established with committed followers that advocate for the Green-Burial-Movement.

There are other choices that can be made when it comes to being eco-friendly, and one of them is the resomation-process , which produces less emissions than standard cremation. The promession process uses freeze-drying and in the end, gives the soil much needed nutrients.

Do you or your loved ones have a love of the sea? Eternal Reefs may be the perfect choice for you in terms of helping out marine life and coral reefs long after you are gone.

When you think in terms of what goes into the ground, it's quite astounding, and that's what these people think about.

In regards to funeral caskets, we are talking about caskets made of hardwood, steel, bronze, and copper by the tons.

Concrete vaults account for measurements in the hundreds of thousands of pounds also.

Embalming fluid, consisting of formaldehyde, is put into the ground by the hundreds of thousands of gallons per year. This is just in the United States alone.

Cremation is actually not that environmentally friendly either, but somewhat better.

What about the rest of the world and their statistics?

I suppose there are those who feel that the conventional funeral is the only way to go out of respect for the deceased, and for those looking in from the outside, it gives themselves piece of mind that they have given their loved one the very best, and nothing less in their final goodbye and tribute.

Anything less, to some people might seem barbaric.

Wildflower Natural Burial Site

Times are changing though, and the wishes of the deceased are what is important. People are seriously looking at the eco-friendly-burial-ground as the place they want to eventually be.

People just want a simpler alternative and in a beautiful natural site of their choosing if possible.

Someone can be buried with-in a twenty-four hour period if they wish.

The washing and disinfection process still takes place. The body is covered with a type of shroud, and a biodegradable casket or eco-friendly container such as something made out of poplar can be chosen.

If you desire a visitation, botanical-embalming-fluid has made this possible. Interment takes place soon afterwards.

The eco-friendly-burial can be whatever you want it to be, but it's all about simplicity and so less in this respect, is best. And of course, the cost is significantly reduced as well.

The body may not be transported in a hearse. Most likely, the vehicle chosen will be less "fancy" and the priority will be "fuel efficiency."

Some kind of a plaque may be placed at the site or not allowed at all depending upon the requirements of that chosen particular cemetary.

The planting of a tree, wildflowers or shrub is usually encouraged as a marker, and is dealt with by the family, not gravesite "workers."

A small graveside service would take place at the site.

Do You Need Prayers for Special Help?

Again, this is becoming quite appealing for two reasons. The green-burial is better for the planet and in terms of cost.

Cost does change significantly in the price of a funeral casket.

This certainly isn't something any of us want to think about, but someday we will if we haven't already. Maybe it makes good sense afterall to consider an eco-friendly-burial when our time comes.

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