A Free-Birthday-Ecard Saves Paper
Online Message Greetings Just As Sincere

Looking for a free-birthday-ecard? Another type of greeting too perhaps? Send your message the eco-friendly way by choosing free-online-ecards. It saves time, money, and is especially good for the environment by cutting down waste.

Whatever the occasion someone out there knows that you are thinking of them today and people LOVE to get ecards in their email. They don't think of them any less than the real thing, and so many cards out there we can send electronically have so much extra added to them. They are fun to get, and fun to send.

If you have just sent out a gift send out a free-ecard too.

Let them know their gift is on the way.

You may have sent free greeting ecards before. Many people do nowadays. If not, it's easy and simple to do. Just follow these easy instructions.

  • Double-click on an image to preview it.

  • If you like this particular ecard, click the circle below.

    Note - If the small images look slightly distorted, it's due to resizing in the ecard display.

    Rest assured, the recipient will only see the larger clear image.

  • After you choose your free-birthday-ecard, or whichever card (there is a good assortment) you like, you can choose a stamp to go with it, by again clicking the circle beneath it.

  • Complete the easy form. Just follow the instructions.

Valentine Ecards, Easter Ecards,
Fathers Day Ecards, Mothers Day Ecards
Thanksgiving Ecards

Ecards of these types are sent out frequently. I wish we had the space to include so many more. There are a good number of cards here quite appropriate for a number of special occasions in addition to the samples of birthday greetings.

Inspirational ecards are popular too. Everyone needs a word of encouragement, or a simple acknowledgement of how much they are appreciated from time to time. One thing about sending electronically, is that it's quick at the last minute when the occasion warrants getting noticed.

So, be creative. Choose a card, and add your own special personal message to send out to someone. Do something nice for someone, and for the environment at the same time.

Enjoy sending as many cards as you wish.

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Recipient's Name
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   Notify sender when the Ecard is read.

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We're here at your service, so please do come back again.

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