Reducing During This Festive Season

Diminish your christmas-carbon-footprint with environmentally friendly green-christmas-strategies.

Maybe come up with a few new eco-friendly christmas traditions as well?

The Christmas season can really be such a busy and overwhelming time of the year for all of us.

As quickly as Thanksgiving celebrations come to an end, thoughts shift literally overnight, and holiday season planning begins almost immediately. It can be a very stressful time of year for so many. Keeping a regular work-week certainly cuts into the time it takes to prepare but most of us need our paycheques.

Not going to work is certainly not an option!

Even so, the pressure is there to get everything accomplished associated with celebrating Christmas well before the day gets here.

candycanes in tall grass

Being a bit frugal and money conscious especially during the holidays goes a long way towards reducing the christmas-carbon-footprint we make.

It is also the time of year for parties, whether it be in your own home, going out to a house party, or taking part in office celebrations.

Cut down on your carbon footprint and come up with some excellent gifts for the hostess, the christmas office party gift exchange, or eco-friendly christmas presents for your own family members. Advertise your own "what-I-would-like-for-christmas" green gift list as well.

Organic fair-trade products offer many choices for the eco-conscious, and are not all that expensive.

It might be helpful to know, that if you are considering a specific gift for someone dedicated to green living, you are tremendously helping Artisans world-wide to provide a better living for themselves and their families.

poinsettia,poinsettia garland

I almost always see Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations out on the shelves in the stores at the same time in most places. There's a very short time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating, but changing over isn't too difficult.

Eco Friendly Christmas Decor planning can simplify so much, and is fun. Get started as soon as possible.

Maybe it's a good thing afterall that things are out all at once. It gives that little extra nudge to deal with everything there is to consider for christmas planning, and not feel so rushed at the last minute.

Many consumers started their christmas shopping list last year on Boxing Day, and others are patiently waiting for just around the American Thanksgiving for those special Friday and Monday savings days in the malls and online.

You can read much more on those special days and generally keeping your "holiday debts" down to reasonable standards on this site.

(Some people get harder and harder to shop for every year, and yet, it's the stocking stuffers I still find the hardest to do.)

Tips For Holiday Debt Reduction


My husband expected to come home after his yearly hunting trip recently to find "christmas up and running" in our house. Didn't happen this time. But, I did it last year. Ran like crazy, and my tree was up in the first week of November.

My family teases me about this, but my theory is, there is just so much to do all for a rather short time period. You know what I'm talking about, I'm sure. And, if I am going to do so much to make Christmas happen around here, I want to enjoy it for a longer period of time. Never have been one to put the tree up one week before Christmas, just to have to dismantle it all so quickly.

Your choice of Christmas tree presents a number of options and there are mixed opinions on the subject of where your tree should come from in regard to how this affects our christmas-carbon-footprint.

Of course some sort of eco-friendly christmas tree is the wisest choice, but opinions vary somewhat on which is the best way to choose. Some people opt for renting their tree, and it is an idea that appeals greatly to going green committed people.

There are choices out there when deciding upon your Eco-Friendly Christmas tree this year.

For example, choosing An Artificial Christmas Tree is a good example of a lasting alternative to getting a live tree every year. These trees are truly gorgeous!

Eco-Friendly-Christmas-Tree options are worth looking into and giving some serious consideration.


Who doesn't love to look at Christmas lights inside and out for a decent period of time?

My house always seems so "dull and blah" after Christmas, which is again the reason I like to get things done earlier, so I can enjoy it longer.

It really is an adjustment period for me after everything christmas-y has disappeared for yet another year.

Solar or other cost-efficient christmas lights are good alternatives to explore for reducing your christmas-carbon-footprint.

Christmas recycling isn't that difficult though thank goodness.

During the holidays there are ways to cut down on what will be going to the landfill after the holiday season is all over and done.

Recycling Tips For Reducing Your Christmas Carbon Footprint

  • Christmas morning, set up boxes before everyone starts opening their gifts. This sure saves on the clean-up later. Train your family to gently remove their bows and ribbons if you can. Difficult for children to not "rip and tear" but eventually they can learn.

    Have everyone try to "recycle" what they can from their opened gift by placing in the appropriate box.

  • Shred newspaper funnies for using like tissue paper in gift bags.

  • Hold onto gift wrap, ribbons, bows, tissue paper, decorative christmas items attached to presents, tags, and holiday cards to re-use when wrapping your own gifts. This is a great way to reduce your christmas-carbon-footprint.

    There are good reasons for keeping all used bows, tags, and ornaments. Recycling outdoor christmas decorations are one good reason and costs nothing! Check out recycled craft supplies for some ideas to not just reduce your christmas-carbon-footprint, but for all year-round too. Be sure to scroll down for ideas sent in by our visitors.

    Get More Life Out Of
    Your Used Christmas Cards

  • Use small gift boxes in your dressers or junk drawers as organizers.

  • Keep some small boxes, bits of styrofoam, bubble wrap and packaging for either your own mailing out purposes over the year, or for crafts like nativity scenes or gingerbread houses that don't go stale by the way or have to be thrown out because they are "food items."

  • Remember to NOT recycle the electronics boxes that your christmas gift came in, until the warranties on these gifts expire. If something goes wrong, the original packing must be provided usually if you want to return something.

  • Faithfully "recycle" by composting as much of your holiday food items as possible.

Frugal Christmas Ideas For Reducing Your Christmas-Carbon-Footprint

  • Use popcorn, candy canes, gingerbread and sugar cookies, cranberries to make your own ornaments and decorations from some of these edible materials.


    String Your Own Garlands To Reduce Your Christmas-Carbon-Footprint or any holiday footprint.

    Making crafts to give away as gifts is a wonderful way to reduce your christmas-carbon-footprint. Crafts for all Seasons has some unique Christmas crafts to give you some creative homemade gift ideas.

    Participate In A Cookie Swap, Or Suggest It Yourself

  • Do a baking exchange with friends or family. You will end up with much more of a variety of treats, less cooking energy involved, and save significantly on ingredients and your time. Just do some planning first.

    Alot less different bowls and utensils to wash too, when you only have to make one item. Try this at work, or with friends or family members. It's great to suddenly have lots of variety, and you didn't have to do it all yourself. That's the best part, and a definate timesaver!

  • Make your Christmas dinner as organic and vegetarian as much as possible. Be sure to buy locally. Ask guests to bring a contribution to the holiday dinner.

  • Burn beeswax candles which are made of natural substances.

  • Clean your home with natural household items such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemons to name a few.

    And remember that the holiday season is for "you" too. Free up a little time for yourself as far as the kids go, and take advantage of the shortcuts.

    Thinking About A Green New Years Resolution Yet?

    Childrens' xmas activity projects are fun to make and treasure forever. Don't forget to check out your recycling box and see if you have anything that could be used for crafting before it goes to the trash.

    Your christmas-carbon-footprint can be lowered quite a bit when you put some common-sense ideas into practice. It's all about using what you have on hand, and simplifying things to within reasonable means.

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