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Carbon-footprint-software demands rise globally, as businesses need statistical data to improve on their carbon-energy-management practices.

Not only are businesses and institutions being prodded by regulatory demands put upon them, "public demand" plays a huge part.

With environmental impact such a concern, companies today have to respond to the need for changing the way they carry on business practices, while at the same time, bringing down the costs of doing business where possible too.

Everyone in business wants to save money whenever they can, otherwise, profits go out the window everyday. Certainly, saving money is a huge issue when running any type of company or enterprise.

Just as importantly, the public wants to know that the place they conduct business with is progressive, and actively interested and taking part in green initiatives.

The people, are likewise employees as well. They care about their own health. They care about keeping their jobs. They care about sustainability and want to know they work for a socially responsible employer.

This is where the demand for carbon-footprint-software comes in.

Energy-management-software is being used all over the world to help companies identify and track all sorts of data within their businesses that will help them reduce their company carbon footprint.

Designed from specially installed computer software programs, most of the PC software can operate on networks running most Windows programs. Personnel need to be trained to not only monitor the software, but should be able to understand and decipher the data reported by the software as well.

computer,office,software Specific types of software can do certain types of things.

Carbon-management-software can provide valuable feedback and reports on the daily operations of a company.

Energy used for lighting

Energy required for heating a building

Air Condtioning expenses

Ventilation Costs and Power Usage


Air Quality

Carbon Emissions

How much electricity different types of office equipment are using

Air Travel Usage

Use of paper and waste

Fuel for Vehicles

Energy consumption/activities by the office computers

PC's on company networks can take advantage of energy saving automation and shutdown when not in use at anytime. Power is used when needed, but never wasted.

To track and collect this data requires keeping track of bills, records and receipts. All companies have to have this information for their general business accounting purposes.

There is no end to the list, depending upon what data you need or want tracked for analysis later.

Did you know that one form of the system can actually clock-in office breaks, in order to establish down-time for employees and computers?

If this option doesn't work for you, you can simply over-ride the system and not use the feature.

Costs can go down without taking away from or affecting user productivity on the job.

It's all aimed at a much greener working environment, and overall carbon emissions are calculated as the data is collected.

Carbon-footprint-software can monitor future savings, and identify what is working and what isn't. It identifies waste. It can identify future savings, which in turn affects environmental impacts of the company. The job of the software is to determine whether or not the business is operating at a higher level of efficiency and performance or not.

Have you heard of CarbonEarth?

This site is a social network that enables the user of certain carbon-footprint-software types to dislose their data over a secure server if they choose to do so.

CarbonEarth lets you chart your own carbon-footprint openly and with others, find out the worst offenders and in what area they are, and allows use of a carbon calculator if necessary. So, if you want to disclose your own reports and discuss them with others, you can.

Overall, after the carbon emissions have been calculated and options for the future are looked at, this can result in one policy change within the organization or quite a few, whichever applies.

Maybe a new piece of equipment needs to be purchased, or a piece of equipment needs a simple fix or total replacement for better energy-management. A change in simple staff routine can make the world of difference depending on an analysis report.

What can be realized overall is a better understanding and working knowledge of sustainable issues.

This encourages management and staff to always be on the lookout for as many further savings as possible. This further demonstrates a real comittment to the environmental issues of today.

By using a carbon-footprint-software program for measuring all aspects of their carbon footprint, a business will end up with a very realistic and true accounting of what is needed to reduce as a company truly devoted to protecting the environment and saving themselves waste and money in the long run.

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