Carbon-footprint reflected by the lifestyle you lead? Reduce greenhouse-gas-emissions to minimize environmental impacts in your own space and the world around you.

What's My Carbon Footprint? What's Yours?

Everything I do has an effect on the state of our environment. You too.
Sounds rather blunt, but sadly it's true.

What is a carbon-footprint exactly?  How is it defined? 

Why is CO2-reduction important?

The daily decisions affecting your lifestyle, my lifestyle and all of the everyday living actions we take in some way, shape, or form, creates what is going into our atmosphere in terms greenhouse gases or specifically speaking, "carbon-dioxide."

This is what a carbon-footprint is, and how it is measured.

Environmental Scientists believe these man-made gases are causing severe Global Warming Effects which are having alarming results on the environment.

These effects desperately need to be reduced to bring stability to our atmosphere and planet.

Could any actions we take be significant enough to really make differences and increase carbon-footprint-reduction efforts at home?

Some think they can't, but they could if everyone knew how and where to start implementing CO2-reduction.

Don't we want to find out?

It's my hope to offer here an interesting casual read and easy to understand way of relating our own lifestyles to "the big picture" in terms of how we little guys can begin to do our bit in terms of reducing our own carbon footprints.

You can even use a carbon footprint calculator now to figure out how big your impact actually will be when determining travelling costs for example on your eco-friendly vacation or perhaps for an event you want to hold.

You can calculate your carbon-footprint first, and then take the necessary steps to reduce your carbon-footprint where possible.

Most people have heard about going-green using green-living-tips, and the green living concept is certainly nothing new. It also comes in many different shapes, sizes, and shades.

Time to harvest the compost

Basic composting of simple kitchen scraps
creates gold for your gardens and reduces waste

What's important, is knowing what green living should be all about, and being familiar with common green terminology terms can help.

For most people it's simply a matter of getting back to basics and good old common-sense. That does seem logical when you really think about it, because everything we do has that chain-reaction effect on the state of our surroundings.

Waste and lack of recycling practices are huge concerns!

the monster that buries waste

These recycling tips are a great way to get started if you don't recycle now.


It's sad what needlessly ends up in landfills

Homemade cleaning supplies and homemade pesticides are quite popular with people who want to reduce buying and using harmful chemicals around their homes.

Government feels that the Cap And Trade Process for business and industry is an answer to stamp out heavy polluters to the environment. Others don't. Do you?

For many of us, it's all we can do to think about how we take care of and run things in our own homes, let alone the whole world out there. It's alot to comprehend and digest all at once.

And this is perfectly fine. Just worry about your own immediate surroundings for now.

So how far does one go? What would I have to change? Does it cost something?

There are many things people are doing in their own lives to contribute in their own way. And, they are coming up with more great ideas everyday.

Some are slowly adapting to some new ways of doing a few simple things, and some are opting for a more extreme change in lifestyle to achieve carbon-footprint-reduction through solar and wind energy.

Looking for some "green" inspiration?

Maybe these pearls of wisdom will give you a gentle push in that direction.

Lowering carbon footprints are high in priority for many people these days, yet there are considerable other footprints we make as well to be just as concerned about.

How about reducing your water footprint?

Do you realize how many people there are out there that have such a personal passion for green living?

Sharing a green lifestyle with that special someone and working together towards reducing your carbon-footprint is possible now through eco-friendly dating sites. This is how serious some people are on the subject.

Even getting married to that special someone can produce a huge Wedding Carbon Footprint if not careful.

And, this whole "way of life philosophy" carries through by opting for an eco-friendly burial if you should choose when the time comes.

Carbon-footprint-reduction is just one of the many aspects encompassed by the whole concept of saving and conserving what's left of our environment.

If you are a believer in this concept, you may also want to support a variety of methods available to achieving it, which could be a contribution in the form of purchasing various-carbon-offsets. You can read about how carbon offsets work here.

You know the old saying, that every little bit helps.

If you have children, it is especially important teaching kids now more than ever how to respect and care for their environment from a young age.

It certainly can't hurt to do whatever we can to reduce the carbon-footprint we make by how we exist daily.

So, have a look around, and find out what you can do today at home to get started. Because, that's where it all begins, one small step at a time.

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