Green Singles Creates A Need
For Eco-Friendly-Dating Matches

Share green passions. Eco-friendly-dating networks helps to find ecosexual partners in an eco-themed dating community. This is bound to make finding that special someone who is as green-minded as you, much easier.

Environmentalism, being eco-conscious, and everything that pertains to reducing your carbon footprint through green living is a very hot topic right now.

And, for those who care enough about the planet, where we are at with global warming and who are just plain concerned about the future, it should be a hot topic. It shouldn't be the topic or trend for "today", it should be that way all the time.

Green-living people know this, and live their lives accordingly in everything they do. Eco-friendly-dating has become rather important as well to those living the green lifestyle.

Still, considering that there are those who don't live this way, sometimes finding the right ecosexual-partner with the same ideals can't always be easy.

Have you heard the term "ecosexual"? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't. I hadn't until recently. But yes, ecosexual is a term used to describe passionate green living people looking for the same green minded partners.

As they say, two things are constant in this world - death and taxes. Well, finding someone to make a life with is in there also, at least subconsciously I think for most people.

Some find the perfect soulmate in all areas of fulfilling their hopes and dreams, some simply settle, and some people don't find anybody they can be happy with.

People "agree to disagree" in relationships every day. Afterall, we aren't all the same, and everyone is entitled to their differences.

However, it seems to me, that "green living" on a daily basis in a relationship where one practices it, and the other one doesn't, would be kind of doomed.

Values are so deeply embedded and strong. For example, picture one person who composts faithfully and the other doesn't. Picture someone who recycles, and the other partner couldn't care less what goes in the trash. I would think that would be extremely frustrating and severely irritating for a green-living person to deal with on a moral basis day to day.

Well, there is help out there, if you are looking for someone who shares your same philosophies.

Eco-friendly-dating websites are appearing all the time to help online green singles meet and maybe find romance. Eco-themed dating sites have developed some very strongonline community ties for people who consider themselves very much into the environment, and are looking for someone who thinks the same way.

It's hard enough as it is to meet that special someone these days, but think of how these on-line green dating sites can help.

Just by the nature of the site, the job of pre-screening as to how strongly someone else shares the same convictions, is already done.

It goes back to imagining how it would be to find the "love of your life", only to discover that they think that worrying about the environment, global warming and green living is just a bunch of baloney. That couldn't be overlooked. It would be pretty tough to sustain a meaningful relationship with that person. It would just go against everything you stand for, and I would imagine, always be a huge issue between you.

So, at least this way, you know where they stand beforehand in this department.

They may not be the perfect mate in other ways of course, but at least this part is out of the way, and there should be no big surprises.

Is this all new to you? Not to worry.

Learn the in's and out's of online dating from how to write a great profile to internet safety at Dating Relationship Advice For Women.

Dancing Hearts

So, if eco-friendly-dating for green singles describes you, check out what some of these established and newer eco-friendly-dating sites have to offer.

And, if you aren't necessarily looking for romance (though it could happen anyway, you never know), simply connect with those who just want to say hello, and exchange ideas, information, and just get to know you.

Green Drinks

An organic, self-organizing network. Monthly informal meeting session for those in the environmental field, and numerous chapters world-wide. The crowd is different everytime, as you are encouraged to bring someone new along.

Meet the lady who started it, Margaret Lydecker

You can visit Green Drinks Establishments worldwide, and also visit Green Drinks in Savannah Georgia


Use this beautiful Website to find everything!.. Beginning in Pooler, Georgia: Local history, government, hotels, travel, real estate, news, jobs, religion, kidz zone, fine arts, dining, pets, technology & so much more!


Planet Earth Singles

Launched Earth Day 2006
40,000 Green Singles World-wide
We donate to Greenpeace and numerous other organizations

Green Passions

Free online eco-friendly-dating and social networking community. Find others who share your interests in animal rights, alternative energy, recycling and more.


Launched 2009. World-wide members consisting of environmentalists, vegans and vegetarians, organic farmers, outdoor enthusiasts, supporters of green living. Interested in natural and holistic lifestyle.

Green Singles

Established 1985. Vegetarian owned and operated community of singles. Free to register and create your own green personals listing.

Earth Wise Singles

Green living and environmentally responsible adults looking for long-term friendship and romance.

Green Speed Dating

Bringing together single people who care about the environment and sustainability. Proceeds from Green Speed Dating Events helps bring solar electricity to rural schools in Nicaragua.

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