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Reduce babys-carbon-footprint by opting for safer products and conditions. Help your child begin life as an eco-friendly baby in every sense possible.

As people become increasingly aware of the dangers out there in terms of toxins and chemicals, the world of organics has opened up other environmentally and eco-friendly alternative choices too in just about everything that touches our lives in one way or another.

Consumers are steadily demanding change in terms of carbon footprint reduction and greener living and manufacturers are complying. Sales figures have increased especially in the area of baby related goods and services. The babys-carbon-footprint counts too. And, why wouldn't it?

What parent doesn't want their child safe, happy and comfortable in every way possible?

Moms and Dads alike do care.

And afterall, we're all SOMEBODY'S baby, right?

Mom and baby penguins

Soft As A Babys Bottom
Avoiding Skin Irritations
and Rash Syndrome

Look at your own hands, or your feet. Our own skin has been exposed to the elements of the weather and just everyday living for how many years. We're pretty tough and fairly resistant right about now. As for a baby's skin? Really think about this. How much more of a vulnerable type of skin could there be, other than that of a newborn or young baby?

We have our immunities in place. Babies don't and have to develop that, and in the meantime, just don't have the ability to protect themselves physically against toxins and impurities. They are really at such risk in infancy.

I had an idea what some rash symptoms were caused by, but I didn't really know for sure. Was it really trapped moisture from the wet diaper? Was the condition due to excessive heat resulting in a heat-rash? Didn't occur to me to consider the baby's clothing or bedding material. I'd certainly never heard in those days about an eco-friendly baby.

Not really sure when I look back; I think these skin changes were in fact due to a wet diaper against sensitive skin, but I also had no idea what kind of creams to use to ease it and make it better.

How would the average person really know about that?

I certainly hadn't heard of babys-carbon-footprint either.

As a young Mother, I didn't have a clue about just how sensitive baby skin really was. If you think about it, everything they are in contact with presents a whole slew of chemicals and they come in many different forms. Think about the dyes and preservatives just for bedding alone.

As for bedding and mattress materials, there are flame retardant materials made to prevent against "flame" but do you ever wonder what they are made of? And as for softness?

Ever wished you hadn't worn a particular sweater to work for the day because it was so scratchy and irritating? I have many times. Imagine how that feels to a baby in the absolute safest and nicest of materials?

The organics are proving to be much more comfortable for wearing and sleeping on because of the softness.

A happy baby is a dry and comfortable baby. How true!

Your babys-carbon-footprint is affected by chemicals you don't realize even exist.

Pesticides and fertilizers play a part in what our children wear daily, and not only as babies. Not only do they breath the effects, they wear them as well up against sensitive skin. These chemicals aren't always washed out completely in clothing materials, but you would think they would be before we buy them.

Subjected to these conditions long-term sets up the perfect scenario for problems later in life. And you would never suspect blaming the clothing you wore, or the foods you ate as a baby either, would you?

We even need to rethink how we take care of and how we do the laundry in terms of lowering our babys-carbon-footprint.

Also, more and more people are making their own green-baby "foods" these days, minus the chemicals.

There are many instances where at a later stage in life, health-related problems rear their ugly heads, and apparently stem back to what we were exposed to much earlier in our lifetime. Trouble is, it's hard to pin down the cause at that stage.

Babies become adults. Adults need to be healthy.

Well, you would be hard-pressed to guarantee anyone perfect health, and the utmost safest environment. If we could all get those two things in writing, wouldn't they be worth their weight in gold? Unfortunately, not possible. But, not an excuse for not trying either.

No sense pretending that the organics and products labelled "natural" come cheap. They don't and have a higher price tag.

Cheaper usually means that any item, whether it's a piece of
clothing, a piece of furniture for the nursery, or even a baby toy won't last and won't be the type of quality we are talking about here.

The result? More toxic junk to truck to the landfill; up go your babys-carbon-footprint and your pockets will have to be get deeper to replace the item in a shorter period of time too.

You may want to think of this when shopping for the perfect eco-friendly-baby shower gift. Make it as green as you can and be selective about the items you are giving in an organic baby shower gift basket.

Once in the landfills and even before that, the chain reaction of events sets in. It's not just about you and the babys-carbon-footprint anymore. The air, our waters, plant life and sea-life, even the soil we take for granted become victim to more harm for ourselves and others.

There are farmers out there working very hard to produce good products that are truly natural and organic. If we support them in lowering our own babys-carbon-footprint, we are supporting the clean-up involved to keep our environment healthy and safe. This is what we want our babies exposed to as they grow up and nothing else should do.

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