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Environmentally Friendly Careers

Being a green-collar-worker in a green-career could fulfill your passion for the planet by providing exciting and challenging eco-job opportunities.

The green collared workers, skilled in the field of sustainability, are predicted to be in great demand in the near future if not already.

Considering the state our planet is in, and the push towards green living and reducing our carbon footprint, skilled workers in this field will fulfill the needs of companies looking to hire the experts.

People will have to become trained in energy-efficiency, the environmental issues, and renewable energy.

This certainly rings true with the definition of a green-career which is defined as "Job, or a series of jobs in which the common goal is the protection and preservation of the environment."

"What kinds of Green-Jobs Could There Be For Me or For My Son or Daughter?"

The positions that could be created will cover a vast number of of areas.

The demand for a greener environment will encompass areas such as design, technology, and policy-making.

Research in all areas to continuously improve conservation and techniques will be needed.

The wide range of ecologically responsible trade jobs over the next 3 years that will appear are expected to cover every wage level.

From the position of CEO of Sustainability to Green Maintenance Manager and everything in between is expected to be created.

Green-Collar-Workers will consist of Biological Engineers, Architects specializing in green building projects, Nuclear Engineers, Specialists in solar and wind energy, and of course, Environmental Consultants.

Teachers, who can educate in the field of Environmental Law will be required.

Packaging and Processing will demand the green-collar-worker and the knowledge this worker can bring to this industry as well.

The list just goes on and on.

The need for Skilled Tradesman such as Electricians, Plumbers and Construction Crews to name a few, who can install solar powered panels and who know how to make buildings energy efficient will be huge.

From the Accountants who can manage the finances of carbon offsets, to the shopkeepers who can explain all about the green products they sell to the public, it is expected and hoped that this great demand and surge in job creation will go a long way towards economic recovery for many, while improving the environment in general at the same time for the rest of us.

job interview

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It really doesn't matter if a career or job is labelled "green" and some occupations are not officially labelled that way at all.

What matters is a positive contribution to the preservation of the planet.

For example, those who make their living as "Authors" in some capacity or another such as writers, columnists or journalists can and will write about the subjects that will inform their readers about the issues.

Teachers and Artists can be inspired by the environment and choose to teach and express themselves from that inspiration by passing it along to their students.

Those who have the time and get the satisfaction from volunteering, give tirelessly of their time and talents to raise money for community activities and projects for the good of their local groups.

Many Activists and Politicians, elected or trying to get elected to a public office, have the environment and global warming issues high on their platform of causes they fight for.

Once elected, they are in a position to fight for reform and make things happen to protect the environment they are so passionate about.

Regular citizens and businessmen with the finances to do so, use their money, connections, clout and standing in the community to get things done.

It is predicted that jobs in the green-sector will flourish and multiply. This is definately a reason to get skilled in the growing field of sustainability.

It is encouraging to know that employers in all areas are apparently planning to greatly increase their staff over the next few years to "green-up" their own existing businesses.

Not only does it save them money, it contributes to preservation of the planet.

The green-collar-worker will be in demand due to Government initiatives too.

There are some wonderful resources to look into, which cover a wealth of information including green-jobs, job search tips, volunteer opportunities and green job postings.

Check them out, if you think this may present some new opportunities for your future as a green-collar-worker.

Good Work Canada

Need a resume? A brushing-up on interview skills perhaps? Most job-opportunity sites provide a ton of information on these subjects to help you refresh your skills in these areas. Never hurts to re-read once in awhile.

Applying for a green-collar-worker job today? Don't write a Doomed Cover Letter that will cost you a good employment opportunity.

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