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An eco-friendly-vacation or green-holiday promotes green-tourism everywhere and lowers travel carbon footprints.

Consider taking a green-holiday this time around if you have vacation time coming. If you practice a green lifestyle at home and are seriously concerned about the state our planet is in, you are not alone.

And no, this doesn't mean you should only go on camping trips to be true to your desire to preserve the planet! That's not what an eco-friendly-vacation is all about.

More and more individual organizations and businesses are aware that environmental issues are high priority for many people and taken quite seriously. The tourism industry is no exception.

They are just concerned as you are, and are taking steps to do their part to accommodate and please their customers. Not only do they attract business, but they save on their own costs as well by doing things differently to promote green tourism.

Check out Camping Tents if in fact camping is your choice for a great way to vacation.

Vacation Couple

So, if you want to feel just as at home when on vacation and not compromise your beliefs or lifestyle, there are steps you can take while planning your holiday, as well as things you can do when you get there.

Don't forget to do a few things at home before you leave either. Make your vacation dollars count and take care of a few Green Travel Tips so that your eco-friendly-vacation doesn't end up costing more than you bargained for.

Sacrifice Your Desires.

Realize while planning your eco-friendly vacation, there may be places
you would like to see, but because of the delicate environments,
a constant influx of tourists would be too disturbing to the ecosystem. Respect that some natural habitats may not be the best idea and sacrifice your desire to see them.

It's nice to be a tourist, but it's nicer to not put any more stress on the environment than it already has.

There are rules now actually in some popular tourist spots, and it all has to do with protecting coral reefs and delicate marine life that requires

Biodegradable Sunscreen with you if you want to explore underwater.

Where-ever you intend to go, ask the Hotel
Management about their Green Policy. Do they even have one?

Do they have specific practices in place that promotes the green philosophy and lessening of their own carbon footprint?

What are they? Don't be afraid to ask for specifics.

Leave the Excess Paper at home.

Don't generate it to begin with. If you are taking a laptop or other device with you, take advantage of being able to download travel-information packages, maps, guides, itineraries and tickets and whatever you can.

Need a travelling companion? Heard of "Kindle"? Take a moment to check out what the buzz is all about in reading trends while travelling or just relaxing in your own home.

Bring your digital camera with you, and don't purchase throw-aways. Concerned about your photography skills or lack of?

Anyone can take pictures, but if you visit the beginner photography guide I'll bring out the photographer in you.

Limit the Excess Baggage.

Excess packing just requires more energy from your mode of travel, whether it be by bus, car, or plane. How you get there figures in your eco-friendly-vacation as well.

Green Hotels With the Right Idea.

Consider staying at hotels and resorts that have been built from materials that have been recycled and concentrate on natural materials throughout their establishment.

Many hotels encourage re-using towels, facecloths and linens for more than one day before being changed. The energy and water required in the housekeeping departments can be astronomical.

Do as you would at home, and just hang them to dry.

We certainly don't change towels and sheets daily at my house so why do it there?

Try not to generate too much garbage in your room. Decline a newspaper if offered. Get the news from tv or internet if available.

Don't Waste the Electricity.

Just as you would at home, don't leave your room with the lights, tv, or air conditioning on when you aren't there. Be sure to shut everything off.

Turn off the electric exercise equipment, and room lights when you are finished.

Use Public Transportation.

Use different forms of the public system when you arrive. Or, walk around to see the sights instead if you can. Bike rentals are quite popular on an eco-friendly-vacation.

In France Velib' program is about thousands bicycles available for rent on services points around Paris.

Make use of the hotel courtesy van as much as possible.

If you must rent a vehicle, request a small car that gets good mileage. Inquire about the use of a hybrid vehicle.

A number of websites deal with the Benefits of Ecotourism .

Support the Locals.

Go on an eco-friendly-vacation that promotes volunteering or helping out to fulfill the dream of seeing a community project completed for the good of the locals and their econonomy.

Support the local citizens by eating their locally produce food. Use local guides for your sightseeing excursions.

Support their economy whichever way possible. But, be on the lookout for clothing, jewellery or types of crafts made from the killing of animals from any endangered species. Don't buy anything from these vendors.

Is this a working vacation as well? Green Meeting and Conference Themes are very popular. Check with hotel staff that they have planners ready to provide eco-friendly supplies suited to these events.

Did you know that Costa Rica is the first country to pledge to become carbon neutral and aims to become the first to actually make it so?

Costa Rica Blue Flag Beaches The best of the best are Costa Rica Blue Flag beaches, pure and inviting for your Costa Rica vacation.

Consider exploring the natural beauty of the deep on your next vacation. - One-stop-center for your online Scuba Diving information and vacation.

Read about British Columbia wildlife. See pictures of wild animals that live in Canada at BC Canada wildlife .

Perhaps consider a trip to this beautiful province.

You can make an eco-friendly-vacation out of any destination you have chosen. Just be concerned and as conscientious there about everyday habits as you would at home or anywhere else.

Millions of tourists yearly descend upon the National Parks across the country, clearly leaving an impact, but even the Parks themselves are working hard to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions.

They know they have to improve their own methods of operations, and they do that by way of participating in a Parks Networking Program which addresses the problems of climate change.

Provide feedback to the Hotel for their efforts. Provide compliments, and make suggestions where necessary that would improve conditions for an eco-friendly-vacation experience.

This gives the proprietors of any business a welcome view from the customer standpoint, and all it can do is help them improve their business and improve service. The owners want to be aware fully of what their customers want.

Do you have any advice for vacationers who are looking for "green" accommodations to support their desire for an eco-friendly-vacation? Give us your

Green Hotel Critique .

Does your Hotel participate in an assessment program for eco-friendliness? You can find out by inquiring about their Green Hotel Rating . Look for the "leaf" logo.

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