Increased Climate Change Consequences

Global-warming-effects are far-reaching because of the greenhouse-effect from greenhouse gases.

To understand the consequences of global warming, we need to comprehend the causes of climate change and what it all means in the first place.

Is the atmospheric-climate-change because of increased carbon footprints from us?

The surface air of the Earth has a general consistent temperature, and as it rises, this is referred to as "global warming."

What is causing the warming, to what extent and the damage done, is currently debated by Scientists, Climatologists, Politicians and even the general public.

Just what are the global-warming-facts really?

A minority of Scientists believe that the increase in the greenhouse-gases trapped in our atmosphere has not made much significant difference. They also believe that any increases at all have been caused by sun energy, and not necessarily because of how mankind lives day-to-day here on earth.

The majority of experts however believe the opposite, and DO believe that mankind is responsible for the amount of carbon dioxide created by the excessive burning of fossil fuels, which in turn has created the greenhouse-effect.

Many world leaders came together to create the Kyoto-Protocol to address all of these concerns and what could be done.

Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere interferes with the ability of heat to be released into space.

As the temperature of the Earth rises, so will the temperature of the oceans.

Effects of Global Warming Video

More Science Videos at

The Earth Doctor

It is predicted that this rise in temperature overall of the planet is destined to produce some rather extreme global-warming-effects.

Shrinkage of the Antarctic Ice-Shelves has actually been going on for some time and has raised the sea level.

High sea levels can cause severe flooding and soil erosion to coastal towns and villages. Islands can become submerged. There is the possibility of seawater getting into the freshwater systems.

Changes in weather conditions (because of the heated oceans) can have extreme results.

Increased rainfall would cause floods in some areas and dry spells in others. Tropical storms and hurricanes could become more frequent and powerful.

Warmer waters mean death to certain marine life upsetting the balance of the ecosystem. Disease spreads throughout sea-creature populations. And, with death and flooding, comes sickness and starvation all widespread.

Habitats of plants and animals can change.

Animals would have to seek higher ground and new sources of food and water in order to survive.

Some plant life requires cold temperatures to produce as a natural progression of growth. If the temperatures are not cool enough, the plants will fail.

What about the honeybees? Where are they going?

Biologists are wondering if the accelerated growth of diseases and virus's from global warming are taking their toll on the bee colonies.

Do we even realize the importance of bees in our life? Many of us don't. Visit Janette for information and viewpoints on the Missing Bees from our civilization and lots more information on how we benefit from the honey they produce.

There is no doubt that carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere must be managed somehow.

Global-warming-effects are really one big chain of events affecting many lives and ecosystems that we really don't think about or even realize.

Loss of habitat like sea-ice has created a list of threatened animal species that we may have never dreamed imaginable in our lifetime.

What is global warming and how is it going to affect you? Learn more here ...

Is the Kyoto-Protocol An Answer?

An Interesting Little Eco-Quiz

If the West Antarctic Ice Sheet melted, do you know how high the water levels would rise in the oceans?
5 feet
10 feet
20 feet

A 2.2 pound lump of coal could power a 100-watt lightbulb for how long, if it was converted entirely to energy?

29 months
29 years
29 million years

70% of the Earth's freshwater is contained where? Did you know this is the dryest place in the world?
Sahara Desert
Gobi Desert

What causes the most damage to the environment by people in the developed world causing global-warming-effects?
high consumption patterns
industrial pollutants


1. The water levels would rise 20 feet.

2. A lump of coal could power a lightbulb for 29 million years.

3. The Antartica holds the majority of the freshwater.

4. High consumption patterns causes the most damage.

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