Baking Soda Beauty Tips

by Helen

Baking Soda Tips For Bathtime

Baking Soda Tips For Bathtime

There are baking soda beauty tips to learn here too, because baking soda doesn't have to be used just for cleaning the house.

A few spoonfulls of baking soda in the bathtub goes a long way to washing away perspiration and dirt. Scrub your cuticles and nails with baking soda in the tub to make them nice and clean and soft.

Add it to a tub of water and soak your feet in it to soothe and smooth the feet. If you rub your feet gently it's not just a great softener, but an excellent exfoliant too.

Here's a good baking soda beauty tip - Make a paste with oatmeal and you have a great facial scrub which does a good job of sloughing off dead skin for a refreshed look and good feeling.

If you rub some baking soda through your hair while in the shower, it does a great job of lifting out the gels, waxes, hair spray and "goops" from your hair. Try it before washing.

Soak combs and brushes in soda and water to clean them and strip the hair gels and dirt off of them too. Let them soak overnight, and rinse well in the morning.

Baking soda cleans our air or at least neutralizes odor.

If you are out of your regular mouthwash, try a
gargle and rinse with baking soda with water.
Your breath will feel fresh.

These baking soda beauty tips are important because they help us with our own personal hygiene cheaply but effectively.

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