Beauty Products Contain Toxic Ingredients

by Shannon S.

Cosmetics Contain Toxic Chemicals

Cosmetics Contain Toxic Chemicals

Many of todays’ beauty products contain toxic ingredients, and the average consumer isn’t aware of this at all. Some of the stories in the media may scare you into rethinking buying cosmetics for good.

This is when the green shoppers have to be educated on just what they are buying. Actually, everyone green-oriented or not, need to be more aware and perhaps choose the cosmetics that are made with natural substances instead.

The average person isn’t a Scientist and it’s difficult to know what’s acceptable and what isn’t. There are some basic points to keep in mind when shopping for beauty products and it’s a start. Remember that advertising is usually aimed at vulnerable shoppers.

Be careful of packaging. Even if your beauty products come in what says “natural ingredients” question it. If something is truly termed “organic” it should have an organic seal attached to it. It may also state that the ingredients of your cosmetics have been tested by dermatologists.

When looking at the ingredients watch for the warnings and symbols for poison. That is a red flag that toxic chemicals were involved in the making of the product.

In the making of cosmetics and beauty products, toxic chemicals are used in another way.

Everyone loves a nice fragrance, and most beauty products and just about everything else these days come with a sweet smelling odor of some kind. Some fragrances though are in fact made with chemicals that are toxic. Problem is, we aren’t sure what type of chemical was used.

Did you know there are at least 5000 various odors and fragrances used when making women’s cosmetics and creams etc.? You will never be really sure what fragrance is found in a particular beauty cosmetic and they won’t all be found on the packaging label. One such harmful ingredient is known as “Phthalates” so watch for this one.

You have to consider that people have severe allergies and reactions to these chemicals. I know people who have had to rid their entire household of perfumes and creams because a spouse was so intolerant of the reactions he had.

Because beauty products contain toxic chemicals, the best idea when shopping for cosmetics today and trying to be green at the same time, is to choose products that are free of fragrances whenever you can.

You could even scale back on your entire supply of products too. We all have a huge variety of products from creams to moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners, facial skin toners, and bags and bags of mascaras, liquid make-ups, shadows, lipsticks, and blushes to name a few. I know I do.

(It’s not good to keep any of these things around for too long; mascara can develop bacterias and eye irritations. That I know for sure.)

Keep one or two of the basics, and start looking at the truly natural “greener” cosmetics instead to buy in the future. Study the ingredients and get to know what’s in all of these things. Your beauty routine may even become much simpler too.

When you get used to new natural cosmetics, check out the world of household ingredients that can do the same thing as well.

Simple vegetables you have can work little miracles. Cucumber, pumpkin, honey, even an egg are just some items people use daily or weekly on their skin. Vinegar as a hair rinse makes your hair soft and silky. My Mother rinsed our hair in vinegar all the time when we were kids.

The Health Authorities are getting more and more serious about what can’t be used when maufacturing cosmetics, so be as educated as you can about the laws and new regulations where you live.

If you do this, and get into a habit of being pickier and more selective about what you are putting on your body, you will get to learn the terms associated with the truly natural cosmetics. It’s very true that beauty products contain toxic chemicals so you need to be concerned about your overall health when using them.

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