Diaper Cake Questions Answered

by Patti

Diaper Cake Questions Answered Simply

What is a diaper cake? Can you eat it?

A diaper cake isn't edible. It is a gift given to an expectant mom at a baby shower, and usually serves as a beautiful centerpiece on a food or gift table.

It is made of different types of diapers and in alot of cases resembles a wedding cake type design with tiers.

What kinds of supplies do you need to make a diaper cake?

You will need diapers, elastic bands to hold the diapers together in bunches, sometimes dowels to steady the tiers, decorative lengths of ribbons or bows, a cardboard base for the bottom tier to sit evenly on, cellophane or some kind of decorative netting if you wish that can be tied to hold everything in place.

Extra gifts and goodies that can be tucked inside or showing outside are a must to add to the gift.

A "topper" is nice if you like which can be a teddy bear or any kind of stuffed toy. There are no rules.

Assorted gifts: baby accessories, baby teethers, bibs, pacifiers, bottles, baby cups, spoons, receiving blankets, bibs, rattles, baby lotions, baby shampoos, baby soaps and creams. The list is endless.

How many diapers would it take to make a large cake?

This depends on your definition of large and small.

At least 12 - 30 for something medium. For a small cake, a minimum of 6 diapers is a good base.

How many diapers can there be in a diaper cake?

This would depend on your tiers.

A three tier could be 30 diapers in the base, 15 in the middle tier, and 5 for the top tier.

A diaper cake can be as big as you want it to be.

Do diaper cakes have to be round?

No. Square diaper cakes are made too. You can start with a square base like a large square tray.
For the middle tiers you could use smaller decorated square trays. Square diaper cakes are also made by simply
stacking the diapers and tying them with a wide ribbon.

What is the best feature about a diaper cake as a baby shower present?

Two features I think. Diaper cakes are really appreciated because they contain so many useful gifts that every mom needs for a newborn baby. There's no end in the spaces to stuff in all kinds of neat things. A mom can receive a number of homemade diaper cakes and they can all be unique and themed or similar, and still she will eventually use every single item.

Secondly, they are truly gorgeous and add to the baby shower so much as decor without buying and tossing out other types of decorations.

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