Draft Horses

by John Morton
(Ayrshire , Scotland)

Draft Horses As A Means Of Green Power

Draft Horses As A Means Of Green Power

50 years ago draft horses were still relatively common. However, they have all but gone now except for a few diehards and the show circuits. I ask why?

Why have we turned our backs on a totally green means of power?!!

How many machines do you know of that self replicate, is solar-powered and can be kept on land that is useless for food production?

Thousands of acres of land are being tied up producing ethanol for fuel. That land will be needed for food production.

Wood fuel is being pushed as an answer to some of our heating needs. "Great" I hear you say. Great, until the amount of diesel used is brought into the equation.

Why is it, not one of the energy sites that are supposed to be pushing green methods even mention draft horses?

Timber extraction is one of the areas that horses excel in. Vegetable production at field level is another. In actual fact, any job a small tractor can do, a team of horses can do equally well or indeed better.

If anyone has any questions or ideas to promote the idea of using draft horses, then please phone me on 01560 700 559.

Here are 3 links to draft horse related business's. The 1st two are American but it just shows how far in front they are. The last one is for arguably Britains best horse logger.




Thank you Jane for allowing me to air this on your page.

Best Regards,
J Morton

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True information is shared
by: James E. Graves

I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post.

Eco-Grants for Timber Harvesting Machines
by: John Morton

Regarding eco-grants for timber harvesting machines, the Forestry Commission has given £50,000 to a land ownwer to help pay for (get this)roads to make it possible to extract timber with machines!

What makes this so bad, is the grant is being given to extract timber from an ancient wood in Yorkshire and is hidden behind a sustainable/ green/eco cloak. 2000 tons are to be extracted. This is around 6 months work for a logger and a team of horses. No roads would need to be improved and the landowner would get a lot of public support for his project.

Please phone your local Commission Office and ask the question.. "why is none of this grant money being used to help the only true sympathetic timber extraction method - Horses!

Thank you.

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