Dried Flower Wreaths

by Heather

Make Dried Flower Wreaths From Bouquets

Make Dried Flower Wreaths From Bouquets

Make dried flower wreaths out of bouquets of flowers you've received, bridal bouquets, or just from flowers out of your garden instead of just throwing the flowers out after awhile.

In any room in your home, especially on a door, a wreath of dried flowers will just make it that much more elegant.

Try attaching one to the mirror above an antique hutch or old buffet. If you like a vintage or old-fashioned look, dried flower crafting in any form will do it.

Dry flowers first by tying the ends in a bunch, and hanging them upside down in a dry undisturbed space somewhere for at least a week. Some people do it this way, or lay them out on a flat cool dry table somewhere for days at a time for the flower drying process.

When the flowers have dried out enough, get a coat hanger to use as the wreath form, instead of buying one.

Pick a clean area where you can work, and cut them into 6 inch lengths. You can cut a little longer too if you like, whatever you think looks reasonable.

If you have a variety of flower or other foliage types, bunch them into a number of bundles and then wire them a bundle at a time to the hanger, starting from the hook at the top.

Keep doing this, working your way around the wire frame with your dried flower bundles making sure that each bunch covers or overlaps the stems of the bundle above it.

Keep doing this until your frame is covered entirely as you work your way around. Hide your wiring in behind the flower bunches as best you can.

The hook is there as the hanger, but if you don't use a hanger, you will have to loop a wire or ribbon at the top in order to hang your dried out flower wreath.

Spray with a bit of hairspray to hold everything in place. Hair spray acts as a really strong preservative, and only a light film is needed. Take your wreath outdoors to do this.

Dried flower wreaths are wonderful decorative additions anywhere around the home, and it's a great eco-friendly flower craft for adults and kids. They are easy to do, and will last a fair amount of time.

The nicest thing is that the more variety in your flower bunches, the prettier your flower wreath will turn out.

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