Global One Hour Lights Out

Unite in the earth-hour-phenomenon to promote this cause with the World Wildlife Fund. Participating in this global event annually during the month of March creates awareness on green issues and hopefully the word spreads.

Can You Afford At Least One Hour Of Your Time?

Created by the World-Wildlife-Fund, this united show of support for controlling climate change asks everyone to turn out their lights for one hour at 8:30 p.m. The WWF is hoping for one billion people or more this year to take part.

Did you know that as of 2012, The Kyoto Accord expires?

This international agreement was created to control greenhouse gas emissions.

World leaders met in Copenhagen in December 2009 to try to come up with a new agreement on climate change.

The earth-hour-phenomenon is geared to showing global support for this meeting of the minds.

Millions of people from over 35 countries participated in 2008. Many well known celebrities spoke on behalf of the cause.

Citizens from London to Australia, Hong Kong, Rome, Canada and the United States plus many many more have pledged their support. The countries participating doubled just in 2009.

Approximately 10 million Canadian citizens took part last year making Canada one of the leaders in this spectacular event. It is certainly hoped that even more take part this year and in years to come.

Check Earth Hour Canada, See Participation Tracked

The World-wildlife-fund Canada had partnered with Sears Canada in the past which is a national sponsor, and who has taken a serious role in reducing their impact on the environment.

Other partnerships include the CBC and Coca-Cola Canada as well.

So, that's about it. What's 60 minutes to make such an important statement?

And maybe that one hour will be enough to make more of us think and clearly see the carbon-footprints we contribute needlessly in terms of energy use when it's not being used. I know it does in our house.

We all know that this one action won't reverse what has happened so far with climate change but try to view it for what it is standing for.

This one hour show of unity is symbolic and is meant to convey a signal to world leaders that policies have to be put into place to control greenhouse emissions once and for all.

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