Eco-conscious Individuals

by J Lundee
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Eco-conscious Individuals

Eco-conscious Individuals

Eco-conscious is a term that I've been hearing alot lately. Specifically, people have been taking a more action-oriented approach at making this a better planet. But it's not just the efforts of large corporations and collaborative units (i.e. – Doug Band and the CGI) on issues like renewable energy, sustainable crops, and fuel emission reduction; it's actually the act of the individual that's providing for a greener future.

For instance, there's been great development work on eco-gadgets, or items that allow us to do everyday tasks, while remaining safe for the environment and the user. This would include the lessened usage of batteries; one such example is a usb wireless optical mouse that feeds off a battery-less receiver.

Another fine example would include green rags, which have become a hit over the past couple of years. Biodegradable and highly efficient, these can be used to clean windows, wash cars, dry hands, etc…

Although, gadgets aren't the only thing that have provided noteworthy support for the green individual; acts such as travel, trash dispensing, and cell phone usage have turned eco-friendly. Subsequently, heavy ideals like marriage have yielded to the go green message. In a piece labeled "Green Marriage Ceremonies," Larie Pawlik-Kienlen describes ways in which to effectively make your marriage eco-friendly. She goes on to tell her audience to use biodegradable paper for invitations; recycle dresses; donate your wedding gown to a good cause; rent a hybrid vehicle for transport; set up an organic gift registry, and so on and so forth. Off the top of my head I can generally think of one major thing that would support such an initiative and that would be to hold the ceremony outdoors! Ultimately, I feel as if this makes for a splendid organic wedding!

Eco-conscious has become more widely used as green and everything surrounding it becomes more action oriented. Large civil construction companies and business already understand the important of green lighting and LEED standards, but it's up to the individual to make a significant change in the way we live and view our planet.

In light of this, I hope you'll take the time to visit to find out what you can do to support your planet.

By J Lundee - Follower of all things green and progressive.

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