Eco-friendly Golf Carts For Transportation

by Chris P.

Using A Golf Cart For Greener Transportation

Using A Golf Cart For Greener Transportation

Eco-friendly golf carts for transportation should be looked at more seriously as a mode of transportation to reduce carbon footprints.

According to research, over 50 percent of drivers drive less than 20 miles each day. With gas prices being as expensive as they are and the pollution that driving causes because of gas emissions, it's no wonder.

In fact, many who can drive don't travel any more than 4 or 5 miles farther than their houses. That's just over 50 percent of the driving population.

Golf carts are quite the eco-friendly vehicle as a way to get around.

Of course they are used by the golfers on the golf-courses to easily get from one hole to the next. So why not use them other places too?

Well, they are in fact being used. They have been seen in small neighbourhoods, parks and sporting events to transport patrons and staff all over the property.

Neighbourhoods in resort areas use them more often if available to get to schools, malls and restaurants instead of using highways. Proper licensing allows certain roads with smaller speed limits which will allow use by golf carts as they are designated as electric vehicles.

University campuses use them quite often to cart around equipment and supplies from building to building. Needless to say, they are driven by personnel to get from one place to another. They have come in handy dealing with medical emergencies. They can only be used on certain pathways and streets.

There are disabled citizens who prefer them to powered wheelchairs because they have a little bit more speed and are safe.

Maintenance and repairs are very much more affordable instead of on a car or a truck. It costs only pennies to run an electric golf cart.

These carts have become safer, more stylish, and overall energy efficient since they first appeared in the early 50's. They have accessories like curtains to shield against rain that are snapped to the frame of the cart, or removable hooks that can be adjusted and removed in warmer weather.

They operate on 3 or 4 wheels. Some of the well known manufacturers are Cushman and Daihatsu to name a few. They run electrically or on internal combustion.

Bikes and scooters are becoming so commonplace now. Why not an eco-friendly golf cart for transportation when going smaller distances?

Their use seems to be generating slowly beyond and outside of the tourist resorts, communities for retirees and large university and college campuses.

Maybe you don't have to just be a golfer to recognize and appreciate the added value and usefulness a golf cart can really have in daily life.

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