Fair-Trade Christmas Hamper

by Patricia W.

Fair Trade Christmas Hamper Ideas

Fair Trade Christmas Hamper Ideas

Purchasing a fair-trade christmas hamper this season would be a wonderful choice when obligated to buy for co-workers, a client, your staff or just for anybody really.

Hampers have always been wonderful gifts to receive because they have such mystery to them. You can't really tell what they contain until you dig around to get pleasantly surprised with what you find. They have generally been rather ordinary and basic, but that's not really the norm anymore.

Great gift baskets can be made up of any number of items to suit any theme and any indivdual according to their situation, interests or special event.

You can always put together gardening hampers for the garden ethusiasts, kitchen gadget hampers for the cooks and the bakers, hampers with vouchers for books and library privileges, magazine subscriptions and the books themselves are great for the avid readers.

What about a gift for someone who is on the track to going-green?

Even gift baskets and hampers are changing in the retail world to accommodate these types of environment loving people.

Well, if you know someone who falls into this category, a fair-trade christmas hamper can be made up for them as well.

Since the idea of "Fair-trade" has become so very important, you can select items for your xmas gift baskets with people in mind whom you think would really appreciate foods or drinks under the fair-trade category.

How about fair-trade chocolates, organic wines or organic christmas puddings? Fair-trade teas?

They might never suspect, and hampers should be made very specialized with the intent to surprise and delight the one receiving it.

You can find some wonderful fair-trade chocolate items that are packaged purposely in eye-catching and detailed designs. There is one type out there, Divine Chocolate, who packages based on the culture of Africa.

Some organic and fair-trade wines are the same. And don't forget, these wines can hold their own with any other world famous wine out there. These are not inferior products by any means.

Did you know you can buy special organic breakfast hampers? How about that for Christmas morning as the perfect fair-trade christmas hamper for a family? Great quality food!

There was a time when buying organic meant a huge search for products.

Organic products are now quite accessible and available to consumers in the mainstream markets. Depending on what you are looking for, you may still have to do some searching to get an entirely exclusive organic hamper. Be sure to check online for the popular suppliers of these types of gift baskets.

They don't cost as much as you might think either. Prices usually begin in the thirty dollar range, and that's really not too bad.

For someone who is "going green" these days, a great hamper gives them the opportunity to taste-test some wonderful new products out there while supporting those who are manufacturing their product to make a decent living.

If you want the best, there are fair-trade hamper suppliers out there who actually have won awards for their product. These hampers generally come with notes and histories on how each product in the basket came to be. Interesting and educational reading for the green consumer!

The companies producing these products are, or should be, "green" as well in how they package.

Suppliers who are responsible in the first place, will be thinking of waste reduction, recycling and sustainable packaging in general. Find the suppliers who apply these packaging methods faithfully from sustainable resources. This includes the use of cardboard, biodegradable corn chip fill possibly. This fill protects the items inside the hampers, but when you are done with it, they will dissolve away in water. No leftover trash for the landfill.

A fair-trade christmas hamper just might be the perfect gift this christmas for someone you know. It benefits them obviously, but also someone less fortunate and is good for preserving our environment too.

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