Father's Day Loveletter

by Susan and Laurie

Father's Day Loveletter

Father's Day Loveletter

How about a Father's Day loveletter as a gift to Dad this year? You can do it letter-style, or if you have an extra picture frame hanging around, frame it.

If you've been through all of the usual gifts of aftershaves, new socks, new ties, and feel like you are grasping at straws looking for the perfect gift for Dad, how about just keeping it very simple, but very powerful instead?

May sound a bit corny, but some of us who aren't kids anymore have trouble buying for our older parents.

This idea can be used for giving to any Dad at any age of course, but there comes a time when simplicity is best.

If your Dad is green-living oriented and seems to have everything he could ever need, he will love this gift.

Most older parents say they have everything already, don't they?

If you would like to send your special Dad a Fathers Day loveletter to show your love and appreciation, here's how.

Put your ideas on paper first. Here's a few things to think about which might help get your letter started.

What do you like the best about your Dad? What are his greatest qualities? Is he the backbone of the family? Is he strong?

Is he a "take-charge and don't worry" kind of guy?

Try to think of at least three huge qualities that stand out about your Father and why they stand out. Write down as many as you like.

Do you have special memories about you and your Dad? Are they recent in your current life or from your childhood or teenage years?

Something specific stand out of about a place you went to visit?

Did Dad help you out in some specific way that saved the day for you? Our Dad sure did.

Has Dad always been in your corner, or even someone elses corner with an outright act of kindness or generosity? Examples?

Is he greatly admired in your community as a good neighbour or in his profession by his peers?

These ideas should all bring to mind some wonderful moments and memories that make you so grateful for your Dad. All you have to do, is say so on a piece of paper.

Use some nice stationary and your best writing or printing.

Start off your letter of love and gratitude to Dad by addressing him by the name you use, like "Daddy, Pops, Papa, Father" - whatever applies. Make sure you sign it with your pet-name or nickname if he uses one for you.

You don't have to put your letter in an envelope. You can frame this letter if you like and present it to him.

Kind of like an award for being the best Dad ever.

This Father's Day loveletter is sure to stand out in his mind for a long time, and you can be sure, may bring a tear to his eye this Father's Day.

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