How To Make
A Cookie Bouquet

by Theresa L.

Cookie Flowers Make<br> A Nice Cookie Bouquet

Cookie Flowers Make
A Nice Cookie Bouquet

Learn how to make a cookie bouquet and you can save yourself a little money, cater to someone's personal taste, and just have fun doing it.

Flowers can be quite costly to give on special occasions, so this is a neat little craft that is easy and sure to please the one who is
receiving it, especially if they are a cookie lover.

A cookie bouquet, like flowers, is a bouquet made up of cookies, and whatever else you want to include in there as filler stems. You may want to tape in some thin ribbon to trail downwards, or later, trail your ribbons in and around the bouquet after you have finished making it.

Assembling your cookie lovers bouquet can be done in just a few steps.

You will need 8 or 9 cookies of your choice (everybody loves chocolate chip!) flower-shop wire, clear or brightly colored cellophane for wrapping your cookies, floral stem-tape, silk flower leaf stems, wooden skewers or sturdy sticks.

Note - If you want to follow step one and use only silk flower leaf stems you can to use these as the holders for your cookies.

Personally, I find the skewers and sticks a little sturdier to use instead to hold the cookies that will be wired to the tops. The silk leaf stems could be used more for the fillers.

1. Wiring and taping the stem leaves -

Push the wire through the silk part of the leaf in behind the stem by looping it around, and then go back through the leaf and back down to the wire. Stem tape the wire by holding the wire in one hand, by wrapping and stretching tightly with the stem tape with your free hand. Tape right up to the leaf.

2. Get your cookies ready to wrap. Cut the cellophane into large enough squares that they will cover each cookie thoroughly. Better to have excess than not enough. Cover the cookies with the cellophane, and twist the end tightly. Wire it to the leaf stem or wooden skewer securely and tape down the cellophane. Take a pair of scissors and cut the excess cellophane off. You now have what looks like a bunch of flowers only with "cookie flower heads."

3. Hold the cookie stems in one hand and spread them out a bit to leave spaces for the stem fillers like silk flowers, or whatever you choose.

4. Fill in the spaces of your cookie bouquet like you would if arranging flowers in a vase. (you can certainly use a decorative vase as well for your cookie bouquet) Once you think your cookie bouquet arrangement looks nice, get ready to make the bouquet handle.

5. Even up the straggling wire ends on the bottom. Give them a trimming with scissors. Make sure you are happy with the height of your cookie bouquet. Now get the stem tape and start wrapping the stem from the bottom up to form a secure handle and snip when finished.

Be sure to give your gift quickly while the cookies are fresh!

An autumn cookie bouquet can have leaf branches of brightly fall-colored leaves inserted as filler. Make spicy pumpkin cookies or decorate them for Halloween. At Christmas, give out shortbread or gingerbread cookies.

If you know how to make a cookie bouquet, you can make them at any time and they are especially nice if geared to the season.

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