Mothers Day Crafts For Children

by Jan

Happy Mothers Day Homemade Card

Happy Mothers Day Homemade Card

Mothers day crafts for children present the perfect opportunity for little kids to give their moms something from the heart.
What little kid doesn't like to do that? A smile and special approval from Mom especially at this age means the world to a little one.

What is the first thing that comes to mind that kids want to make?

The first thing children usually learn is how to make a mother's day card in class, or Sunday school. Usually they put their own
Mother's Day sentiments on the card.

A homemade Mother's Day card is personal, unique and eco-friendly too. You can use bits and pieces of leftover materials or organic materials from outdoors. It saves on having to go out and buy a card and it isn't going to get thrown away like alot of regular everyday cards eventually do. A Mom will hold onto this card for life!

Dads, older brothers and sisters...want to help a younger child in the family make a happy Mothers Day card?

It's pretty easy. Moms loves pictures of their kids, so look around and take your pick of one.

If you have some construction paper, some glue and some simple embellishments like used ribbon for example, you can help your child (or little brother or sister) make a neat photo card as a personalized gift for Mother's Day that Mom will love.

Fold your paper in half keeping it nice and even. Have your child write a Mothers Day message on the inside first.

A small school photo is usually a good picture to use, and if the size is right, cut it into a heart-shape. Glue the picture to the front of the card, and place it a little higher. A pretty ribbon will be glued underneath it, so make sure to leave room.

Now get out some glitter. Gold, silver or any color will do. Lay the card down on some paper, spread some glue around the edge of the card like a frame, and sprinkle away. Don't skimp, be generous with the glitter. The more sparkle, the better. It may take 25 minutes or so to dry, so while you are waiting, tie the ribbon into a bow.

If you think the glue looks dry enough, pick up the card and tap it gently so that all the extra sparkly glitter
falls off. Put a little glue now on the back of the bow, and paste it onto the card. After that dries, you are all set and have a pretty photocard to give to Mom for Mothers Day.

Other ideas for your Mothers Day photocard? You can glue pieces of used material, little buttons, or whatever you like to create a pretty design.

If your photocard is fairly flat on the surface (not too three- dimensional) you could also put the card into a picture frame.
Just make sure the written saying is on the front as well. Instead of a bow, a cute picture could be drawn.

These special types of creative and imaginative Mothers Day crafts for children are cherished by Moms everywhere and worth more than any store-bought gift. It's the sentimental value that makes all the difference.

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