Lightbulb Restriction In British Columbia

The provincial-bulb-ban in British Columbia has taken effect. These lightbulb-wattage-restrictions now apply in favor of reducing greenhouse emissions.

As of January 2011, these restrictions applied to the basic light-bulb we along with everyone else, have become accustomed to here in Canada.

You know, the 3 or 6 pack of bulbs you can buy anywhere ranging in strength from the standard 40 watt to 100 watt light-bulbs. People stock up on them faithfully. And, they are a very cheap source of light.

The provincial bulb ban
is not something new

green lightbulb

Phasing-out-lightbulbs (standards) as most us know them started a long time ago. The sale of incandescents have been prohibited actually by governments globally in favor of CFL and LED lights to promote greenhouse gas reduction.

Phaseouts started in other countries like Switzerland and Australia for example, back in 2005. Other countries followed in 2009, and phasing-out-lightbulbs are set to continue - some as far ahead as 2018.

Vancouver at dusk

Right now in British Columbia Canada, certain lightbulb-wattage- restrictions apply.

The 75-watt and 100-watt bulbs are affected by a provincial ban. After supplies run out in the stores, storeowners are not allowed to restock these items for any further sales.

This news does have a number of consumers upset and they apparently choose to stock up on the standard bulbs while they can. Old habits are hard to break.

Upset consumers aren't only restricted to Canada.

A large percentage of consumers all over the world have not been exactly enthusiastic about being told what type of lighting they have to use.

Did you know that there are people who are medically speaking, light-sensitive to this type of lighting, and for health reasons need the incandescent bulbs?

The issue doesn't only touch on expense
and general personal preferences

The consensus by much of the general public is that they don't care for the lighting effect by the alternates, the cost is higher, and they worry about the mercury inside.

They also wonder just how much does this really benefit the environment?

Legitimate concerns, however, there won't be a choice as time goes on. The provincial-bulb-ban is minimal, but the federal ban will also affect the 40 and 60 watt bulbs as well when it is time as per the scheduled phaseout when total lightbulb wattage restrictions will be enforced whether we like it or not.

Apparently many consumers in British Columbia now are in fact using the CFL bulbs as they do use considerably less energy and last as much as 15 times longer than the regular bulb. Many are wondering why the provincial-bulb-ban at all then? And, maybe, like everything else in this world, it takes time to get used to change.

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