Recycle Dish Towels
Into Kitchen Curtains

by Carly H.

Linen Tea Towels Make Great Kitchen Curtains

Linen Tea Towels Make Great Kitchen Curtains

Recycle dish towels into kitchen curtains for your home or cottage or bathroom, instead of tossing them into the rag basket.

Give them as a gift if you want to, especially if they have a color or design that doesn't suit your own decor. The eco-friendly buddies will love it!

If your used tea towels aren't frayed, badly worn or stained, this simple kitchen craft is easy and makes great use of something that is maybe past their time, but still quite useable in another way.

Check out garage sales for used dish towels too.

Lots of people get rid of them because they don't like the style or color and there's nothing wrong with them. Like some of us, they just have too many.

Best part? You don't have to be a seamstress to do this. You don't have to sew anything at all. There's no sewing required with this project.

The thinner dish cloth materials work much better than the thicker cloth ones too. They seem to hang better.

Here's what you will need to get started:

First of all, measure the window and be sure the tea towels you have will fit well enough to cover the size of your window.

Have you seen curtain clips? They are sold everywhere and are available in different styles. styles. They look like rings with clips attached
to them. Plan on using four, five or 6 rings per curtain.

You need a regular curtain rod.

Be sure to press your towels first. Ironing makes them easier to handle and determines the size accurately for eyeballing the measurement.

Take the curtain rod and attach the rings with the curtain clips by sliding through.

Place the curtain rod onto a flat surface like your kitchen table or kitchen counter.

Begin at one end of the dish towel, and attach to clips evenly spacing as you go along. You should begin and finish at each curtain corner.

Now, put up the curtain rod on your window.

Two dish towels should give you the two-panel look, and they should slide back and forth to be opened or closed easily.

If your window is much smaller, extra large linen napkins will work in the same way and you might only need to use one instead of two.

Need some tie-backs for your recycled dish towel curtains?

Smaller cloth napkins will work or get creative by using some chunky silk ribbon to tie.

These reused tea towels can be embellished in any way you like.

Another nice thing about them is depending on the design or color, they can produce different visual
effects with the sun shining through the window.

To reuse and recycle dish towels into kitchen curtains is a great way to save on expenses.

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