Recycling CDs Into A
Valentines Day Mobile

Make a Valentines Day CD Mobile

Make a Valentines Day CD Mobile

Recycling cds into a Valentines Day mobile made can be made fairly easily with just a few extra materials that are easy to get. This is a great craft for kids to make as a gift or as a decoration for their room or for whatever purpose they would like. The mobile can be long or short depending on ribbon length or dependant upon how many recycled cds are used.

Gather up these materials as the basics to make a hanging cd valentine decoration -

- three old cds you no longer use or can't play

- bright red craft paint

- plastic, wood, or metal curtain ring

- large piece of red or pink construction paper,

- 3 or 6 paper white doilies, red, pink or white

- satin ribbon

- heart or cupid cut-outs

- newspapers, glue

On a flat surface, spread out some newspapers. Lay the used cds down and paint each surface with your choice of colored paint.

Once dried, flip them over and paint the other side. Make sure you coat them well, and make sure they are good and dry before you proceed to
the next steps.

Trace cupids or hearts onto your construction paper and cut them out. You can find these shapes easily on the internet or from old cards or invites.

Glue a doily onto each side of the cds or just one on the written side.

Make sure the doily is pressed securely and flat onto the cd. Get the cutouts and glue them onto each doily as well.

Now, take your ribbon and measure it to 36 inches long. Lay it down straight. Attach to the curtain ring by tying in a knot. Your ring is the
top, and the cds will hang down in a row. Leave at least 5 inches of ribbon hanging. Cut off the end just to tidy it up and to look nice.

Arrange your cds against the ribbon and make sure to leave equal portions of space in between for proper balance and look.

Glue your ribbon sparingly onto the cds once spaced properly so that they are secured well. Let dry before hanging.

This is just one way to make use of recycling used cds. There are lots of other ways too.

Decorating them any way you like and hanging
them by fishing line in a straight-across or circular fashion from a suspended rod, or hanging them singularly from an entire ceiling if you like is another option.

CDs for craft projects can produce some really cute hanging cd mobiles for any season, any time, any place.

Recycling CDs into a Valentines Day mobile for example, is just one of those special occasions to change a useless item into something pretty and make an interesting hanging cd valentine craft.

Depending on how they are decorated and how the natural sunlight hits them, the effects can be quite dazzling.

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