Recycling Halloween Party Decorations

by Anonymous

Pumpkinhead Scarecrow

Pumpkinhead Scarecrow

Recycling halloween party decorations for inside and out that you already have makes alot of sense instead of spending money on brand new halloween party decor.

Always make costumes out of what you have at home for yourself or the kids.

If you've had a pumpkin sitting outside for decoration, paint it. A painted pumpkin won't rot as fast as a carved one will. Painting will make it last longer and you can stretch it's uses.

Reuse old costumes for front yard decorations or indoor decorations. Make a stuffed "scarecrow or pumpkin man" to sit inside or outside at your door to greet your halloween party guests.

Old sheets with faces done in black marker waving from a tree or from a corner of the house creates a haunting look.

Old masks with wigs can be used to hang in your windows for a scary look from the outdoors.

An extra wig and mask can be fitted over a pumpkin or a large ball to serve as a table centre-piece.

Lots of inexpensive tea-light candles lit makes an eerie atmosphere inside.

Make spider webs by attaching 3 sticks together in a star shape.

Run pieces of used yarn or string back and forth to form the webbing. Secure with glue at the end, and hang a toy plastic spider on the end.
Hang outdoors or indoors, around your doorways. Use longer sticks (thin tree branch limbs) for the outdoors if you prefer.

If you already use spotlights outside at Christmas for decoration, don't buy more lights.

Put a spotlight on at the base of a tree pointing straight up into the tree branches in your yard. It makes a really eerie and spooky looking effect.

Make a cd of scary noises and music to play outside. There are lots of these free sound programs you can get on the internet for this purpose.

Recycling halloween party decorations is the best way to save money and remain eco-friendly.

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