Top Ten Green
Valentines Day Party Ideas

by Gary

Pink Paper Heart Decorations

Pink Paper Heart Decorations

Top ten green valentines day party ideas will help you make the best decisions for keeping your valentines day event as eco-friendly as possible. Like most other other holiday celebrations, at the end of the day, the waste can be unbelievable and so unnecessary.

If you take into account paper waste, travel and food just to mention a few, these things can be improved upon without changing the tone of your party one bit. It all takes a little bit of thought and planning, and getting used to giving up a few little conveniences, but the end result is worth it.

1. Create your own valentine party decorations by using up scrap paper, magazines, leftover wrapping paper and ribbon.
Magazine copy and glittered cards make great confetti if you need it for a table. Leftover tissue paper makes great paper roses for bouquet centerpieces on a dinner table.

2. If you want live flowers for decorations, go organic and cut fresh. Or, rearrange your own smaller houseplants in and around your party area to save even further. It's only for one day! Buy from your local businesses if you have to purchase something.

3. Send electronic Valentine cards and invitations to your party, or make your own from recycled paper.

4. Chocolate is a must for most people on Valentines day. Make it organic.

Don't contribute to child labor abuse, and also help the fair trade cocoa industry by making sure farmers and their families get paid fairly and properly for the work they do to produce it. You can also make your own chocolate treats using cocoas and sugars labelled as fair trade. Buy these supplies locally as well.

5. Cut hydro and energy costs. Instead, enjoy the softer glow of candlelight by soy candles. Be sure your natural candles are red to suit the theme of Valentines Day.

6. Have your party-goers arrive and leave by carpooling in groups in order to save on gas. Saves money, carbon footprints and less vehicles on the road.

7. Cook your own organic food. Cook from scratch to avoid packaging and unnecessary waste for the landfills. Buy food that is grown locally. In the end, it will taste much better and be healthier for you.

8. Avoid serviettes, paper products, and throw-away tablecloths. It's a bit of extra work, but only use washable tablecloths, dish-rags and napkins.

Saves money and saves on garbage that has to be thrown out. Cloth is much better.

9. Avoid drink cans and bottled beverages. How about serving from a punch-bowl and using washable glasses and cups? Use washable plates, serving dishes and utensils too.

10. Anything that can be composted or recycled (and you won't have much at all if you are lucky) should go to bins and these should be out and ready for your guests to use easily.

If you haven't anything much at all, then you have succeeded well at following the top ten green valentines day party ideas list.

Feels wonderful, doesn't it?

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