Unique Fathers Day Gifts

by Cindy

Toddlers' Footprint In Dough<br>Makes Great Keepsake

Toddlers' Footprint In Dough
Makes Great Keepsake

Unique Fathers Day gifts that are eco-friendly too are easy to find and do with children (with a little help from Mom) as a special way of saying "Happy Fathers Day."

As far as Fathers Day craft ideas go, this one, one of the most unique of all is the gift of a little plaque of your child's footprint handmade in dough.

It's relatively easy to do if you have some basic ingredients and supplies in your kitchen. What you will do, is make
up some simple dough out of flour and basically bake it.

Here is what you will need:

1 cup of plain white table salt
1 cup of water
2 cups white all purpose flour
Wax paper (large sheet of it)

Food coloring - your favorite color or Dads

Choose your color of food coloring and add to the water.
Slowly add in the rest of the ingredients and mix well. This will be just like kneading stiff bread dough, so continue until it's nice and smooth to avoid air bubbles from forming.

Make a ball that will fit easily in your hands. Roll the ball of dough out onto the wax paper and make the flattened piece approximately a half inch thick.

Try to make the piece of flattened dough as nice and round and even as possible. This could be hanging on a wall.

Now, help your child to press their foot into the dough, being sure to make sure the toe-prints show well, but don't press the foot all the way down. This part can be a little tricky!
Gently pull the foot out so as not to disturb any of the indentations.

Bake the dough for at least 2 1/2 hours. You want the dough nice and hard, but not burned anywhere. Remove and let cool.
You can write the date and a little verse on the back of this plaque with your childs's name.

If looking for unique fathers day gifts, this couldn't be greener or more individualized . Afterall, your child is unique. There won't be another footprint like it. Dad will treasure it forever. What a great keepsake especially if this is Dads' first Fathers Day.

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