Waste Management Is A Global Concern

by Garret M.

Managing Our Waste Properly

Managing Our Waste Properly

Waste management is a global concern for all of us. This type of issue isn't exclusive to just one continent or just one country. It needs to be taken seriously immediately to improve the state of our planet.

In the early 90's over 50% of countries and their governments showed how concerned they were about how to go about effectively getting rid of solid waste. They had interests in how to tackle other environmental issues as well.

The health of our population is vitally important and impacted greatly by waste management practices.

Carcinogens and other forms of pollution are released in the air every moment from the less than effective landfills and incinerators out there. In turn, these landfills also attract carriers of dangerous and contagious diseases. Insects and animals are known to be carriers of all types of bacteria and disease, many they pick up from the garbage dumps.

Our waters are threatened by chemicals from accidental spillage daily.

Waste disposal is a global concern not only for implementing policies that will protect our health, but different forms of waste disposal has environmental effects too. One such effect is on climate change.

Carbon dioxide in the millions and millions of metric tons is equal to approximately 40% of methane emissions annually. These greenhouse gases attributed to Asian landfills among others are effecting change in climate.

An American typically produces almost one ton of garbage annually, which is typical for industrialized and developed countries. Europeans produce half of that figure, while in Asia, even less than that. The lowest output of waste however, doesn't mean their waste management methods are better. These are two different things altogether.

Studies show that the Phillipines, India and China, which puts out almost 200 million tons of garbage per year, have very poor methods and processes for waste management disposal which affects and creates environmental problems everywhere. Asian countries and their Governments deal daily with the issues of deforestation, air and water pollution and household waste management as well as for their industries.

Countries need to work together and pool their efforts to fix these waste and environmental issues.

Over 50% of green discoveries and the technology that goes with that currently happens in Europe. They are leaders in the field. They need to take this knowledge and help the Asian countries recognize and deal with their environmental issues in a positive way.

In the West, Canada and the US are trying to get back to the simple basics of reducing trash and waste. Citizens are becoming more serious about recycling, reducing, and reusing. There are laws in place passed by Government that deal with the proper methods of waste management and disposal and penalties if not abided by. People are getting more of an education on how to deal with trash at home.

Pollution plays a part in everyone's lives, no matter where you live in this world. Waste management is a global concern and if we can learn properly how to deal with all forms of it first at home, at work and in our educational institutions, we would be better equipped to lessen the effects of climate change on this planet.

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