Green Emission Statistics

A Carbon-footprint-calculator reveals alot of interesting information through a carbon-footprint-analysis of your daily activities.

There are a number of assessment tools that will give a pretty good indication in C02 measurement on just how much our carbon- footprints contribute annually to the environment.

Using a carbon-footprint-calculator, you can figure this out as an individual, a household of family members, a business or even based on an event you are holding.

A number of factors are taken into consideration during this process of carbon analysis.

The questions which will be asked, when figuring it out for a household for example, will very typically consist of questions such as:

  • How big is your home?
  • How many people live in the home?

  • What kind of foods do you eat?

  • What kind of heating and lighting do you use?

  • How old are your appliances?

  • What is your every-day normal mode of travel?

  • Do you frequently use air-travel?

  • How many vehicles do you own?

  • Do you have air-conditioning in the home?

  • Do you have a swimming pool?

  • Do you take baths or showers?

  • Do you practice recycling?

  • Do you conserve water and electricity as a rule?

  • Do you have any forms of green technology in place?

    Be prepared to elaborate a little.

    You may be asked to refer to past energy bills, and calculate distances you normally drive on a daily, or weekly basis.

    You could be asked what year your vehicle is, and if you have an idea of how much mileage you get from it.

    In reference to green technology within the home, this refers to any other resources you may be using such as solar heat, wind energy, and things like this. This in particular, would greatly decrease your carbon-footprint-measurement.

    Likewise, many of these questions can apply easily to an event being held, and a carbon footprint calculation can be determined from these answers.

    Just being on the Internet right now contributes to carbon emissions from all of us.

    If you want to calculate your carbon footprint, you may find that some tools are much more or less detailed than others. They may also limit your ability to do your calculation depending upon where you live. Consequently, some carbon-footprint-measurements will produce a different result.

    If you want to try to determine your personal carbon footprint or that of your family, take a few minutes and see where you stand.

    This site provides a carbon-footprint-calculator of their own brand for you to try.

    Carbon Calculator

    Based on the findings, steps can be taken within the home or a company to reduce as much as possible in the way of carbon emissions.

    Every-day activities and methods of doing things can change within a household, just as they can within a business. Everyone can learn to pay more attention to recycling, appliances and machinery can be updated to meet energy efficient standards, ways of doing business can change.

    People in general can become more knowledgeable, adapt to updated policies and make much better choices in the way they tackle every-day living that results in a much greener way of doing things.

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