Appeal To Whom
Regarding Clothesline Rights?

(South Carolina)

I love my brand new clothesline, the only one in my small middle class development. But the nosy neighbors have already given it a funny look.

Any ideas where to go and who to appeal to if they start raising a ruckus?

I'm hoping they'll approve of my enthusiasm for reducing my carbon footprint, but not too convinced based on their past intrusions into other neighbor's yards, pets, and decorations.

Jane's reply

That's too bad I think that some people seem to equate the hanging out of laundry with something unpleasant. I will never understand it. Isn't this something that's been done since the beginning of time?

In this day and age, saving money if nothing else, is an important priority for so many people. If money isn't an issue, other things definately should be.

I suppose there will always be curious neighbours just for the sake of being curious, or neighbours who have nothing better to do in their own lives than to get into the business of others and yes, even over a new clothesline!

I would imagine that what matters at the end of the day is your right within your town bylaws to have your clothesline up or not, and that may be the place to start to change minds, depending on what those rules state.

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