Frugal Baby Costume

by Sarah

Strawberry Baby Costume

Strawberry Baby Costume

A frugal baby costume that's homemade for halloween is the best option for your baby's first halloween outing. If you are good at sewing, take advantage of your own talents.

Parents love to take their babies out along with their other children and here are a few things to think about.

There's really no point in spending a fortune on a costume for a baby.

Store-bought costume material sometimes tends to be on the thin side. Ask around and see if your friends have something first, or check out the thrift stores for special animal costumes or things of that nature that we see babies dressed in so frequently.

Your baby's first costume should be very very simple.

More importantly, think about keeping your baby safe and comfortable.

I've seen so many parents out with their babies
over the years that are in costumes that are confining, dangerously constrictive and for the weather conditions, not very warm at all. You never know what October 31st will be bring; it can be a warm Fall evening, or snowing and nasty.
I've seen both.

Babies are not comfortable in masks or things around their faces. If they can't move at all in the costume, they are bound to start to cry.

An older baby can also be easily frightened by scary costumes and masks.

Be careful to avoid instilling a fear of the occasion into them at such an early age too.
Some parents think it's cute, but don't realize their child may end up terrified of the whole halloween experience.

Weather is important, and an animal-type costume could be too hot for your baby. Or, your baby may not be dressed warmly enough. Children get cold very fast overall and little hands especially suffer first.

Be sure to take all of these things into consideration when making a frugal baby costume for Halloween night. Be prepared.

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