Avoiding The Bed-Bug-Bites
Bed Bug Remedies

Suffering bed-bug-bites? Intense heat rather than chemicals and reducing carbon footprints is being used to kill-bed-bugs following many disturbing insect infestations that are happening more and more frequently.

Seems everyday, I am hearing about a new bed-bug-epidemic somewhere, and due it seems to the decrease of pesticide use, and the effectiveness of their resistance to some pesticides in general.

So, just what are bed bugs?

These reddish-brown apple-seed sized insects feed and rely on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Humans are just meals waiting to happen and the best time to attack is at night, while we sleep.

Bedbugs are most active in the evenings anyway
and easily drawn to warmth and carbon dioxide.

Usually people will know they've been bitten by something because they will not only feel it, but experience red welts on the skin.

As with any insect bite, wash bed-bug-bites with hot soapy water, and apply a calamine lotion for the itch, or anethetic cream. A bit of ice will help swelling.

Be sure to always consult your family physician first to be sure, and especially if you have allergies to bug bites and medications. The bed-bug-bites should be looked at by a Doctor in case they become infected, and they can.

Otherwise, they are hiding in the folds of mattresses, in wall cracks and crevices, and behind walls and light sockets. Beds are where they are found mainly, which meet the requirements exactly of what attracts them.

Bed-bugs can come from a number of places. They can be found in infested pieces of furniture, clothing, wild animals, just about anywhere really.

Unsure but suspect them?

Take a look at your bedding and mattress seams first. Look in and under the box-spring. Don't forget in the corners and deep into the folds.

Look for spots indicating fecal materials, blood marks on bedding, and insect moults.

bed bugs on the box spring

Inspect everything. Wash everything like blankets, clothes, and throw-rugs in the hottest water possible. Dry them the same way using the highest temperature possible.

Be sure your mattress and box spring are in vinyl-zipped covers if you have to replace them. Most people do replace them, to be sure and avoid further upset.

Rent a good industrial strength steam cleaner for your largely carpetted areas.

Reduce your clutter, especially in your bedroom as much as possible, and use a powerful vacuum cleaner to dislodge any eggs and vacuum them up.

Bed-Bug-Bites And Insect Control

I've heard that rubbing alcohol sprinkled around can help. Diatomaceous earth can kill-bed-bugs due to the instant loss of body fluids, but that takes awhile to work.

110 degree fahrenheit heat however, seems to kill the bed-bugs and any eggs there are.

This method is being used more and more as various pest control companies are becoming swamped with calls lately.

The stifling hot air is piped through tubing into a room, and fans circulate the heat throughout. The scenario is like being trapped inside a giant oven.

The trick to getting rid of bed-bugs is to make sure the blasts of heat last long enough to reach under the floors, the crevices, and behind the electrical boxes where the bed-bugs tend to hide. All organisms have a point of thermal death. The bed-bugs die not only due to the intensity of the heat, but because of the extreme dehydration first.

No chemicals are involved in this process, and there is no preparation beforehand, except to worry about things that could melt or explode in the heat.

This is considered a costly bed-bug-treatment process in the pest control world - approximately $1.00 per square foot.

Bed-Bug-Bites And A Social Stigma

Bed-bugs seem to be everyone's problem. They don't play favorites and anyone young and old can experience bed-bug-bites.

They aren't limited to low-income housing, low income people, or crowded shelters as many people have routinely attributed the problem to.

You can find a bed-bug-infestation in a library, a movie theatre, a hospital, or have to kill-bed-bugs in the most beautiful home you've ever seen in the most upscale of neighbourhoods.

There can be bed-bugs in motels, even in the most expensive and most posh.

Unfortunately, there has always been a social stigma associated with the presence of bed-bugs. Some people experience some extremely upsetting episodes of isolation from family members and friends. It can really take an emotional toll being ignored and unwanted because of this. Some people will even tolerate their bed-bug-control and endure the bed-bug-bites all by themselves, because they are ashamed and too embarrassed to admit it's a problem within their home.

Pending legislation in some cities would decide if landlords will be required to inform prospective tenants about problems with bed-bugs as far back as 5 years. Other forms of local governments are just hoping, pushing and stressing for honest co-operation between the two parties.

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