Black-Friday-Frenzy Enthusiastic Shoppers
Pre-Christmas Shopping Event

Beware the black-friday-frenzy of chaotic consumers looking for door crashing deals during this annual-shopping-ritual.

This popular shopping tradition can create chaos for eager consumers who would do anything to cash in on huge pre-christmas discounts.

Yes, it really can get hectic out there folks, so be sure that what you hope to save on an item you need desperately, is worth what you may have to go through to get it.

As the holiday season fast approaches, you may be hearing about Black Friday but aren't quite sure what it is all about. If you are interested in saving money and doing even better with your christmas budget, you may want to mark this day on your calendar for the Friday after Thanksgiving in the States.

The term "Black Friday" actually has been around for some time. It hasn't always been seen in the most positive context either.

As early as the 1860's, "black friday" was associated with "financial crisis."

During the 1960's, the term was used by the Philadelphia Police Department, and again, not in a positive sense, to mark the day after Thanksgiving as a very heavy traffic day. The day after Thanksgiving signified the official first day of the Christmas Holiday shopping season, which resulted in traffic jams, congestion, mobbed stores, and a whole array of headaches for the police and the general public. Sounds like a bit of a black-friday-frenzy to me.

Like it's internet shopping counterpart "Cyber Monday", reference is made to Black Friday as being a high volume sales day.

"Black" refers to being "in the black" as opposed to being in the "red" ink. Or, as merchants like to think of it, a "profit making day made possible by bargain-hungry-consumers.

This is not an official holiday, but more of an unofficial November observance that takes place right after Thanksgiving, always falling in between November 23rd and November 29th.

Many people have the day off for this annual-shopping-ritual, and this certainly increases the potential for consumer traffic.

Preparations take place well in advance by the stores and the post-thanksgiving-shoppers eager for a deal.

Stores are decorated very early and heavily on Christmas items especially. Merchandise is discounted and advertised to lure bargain-hungry-consumers to this annual black-friday-ritual of spending. Some websites may leak pictures of ads and flyers prior to the day of the sale, and this drives traffic to the stores as well.

Certain electronic gadgets and toys, which are highly sought-after christmas gifts, are discounted to the tune of one-third or even fifty-percent off to attract and make sales.

People, giddy with excitement, are known to line up for hours beforehand to get that special item they have been craving for so long.

These stores, especially the big box stores that are popular, will open at midnight on the day of the sale, and stay open for 24 hours to accommodate the crowds that have made this specific day a black-friday-ritual.

A black-friday-frenzy can indeed erupt resulting in fatal consequences.

A Walmart worker in November 2008, was actually trampled to death by customers who broke through glass to beat the few minutes left before the store officially opened. Human stampedes are not uncommon. I believe a pregnant woman was trampled as well at some location, and subsequently miscarried.

Two people were murdered in California in a very popular toy store over a dispute over an item. There are other instances of tragedies on this day, that actually speaks volumes about human behaviour I think. Though, I can't imagine that this behaviour is so out of control everywhere you go.

Black Friday Shoppers

Saving money is a wonderful idea, and especially in these times and for getting through the holiday season. However, you have to weigh the pros and cons.

Many people just won't brave the crowds at the best of times, so they don't feel like they are missing anything, especially the black-friday-frenzy of over-crowded shopping malls.

Many businesses do make it worth the trip money-wise, and so the choice is yours to make it a day to take advantage of in terms of savings.

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