For Healthy Roasted Pumpkin Seed Snacks

Don't waste, conserve-pumpkin-seeds for salty spiced-up nutritious halloween-pumpkin-seed treats, or after thanksgiving and pie.

Save your seeds. Bake the seeds from your pumpkin and easily make up a tray of either salty, plain or spicey pumpkin treats that everyone can enjoy.

Pumpkin seeds, or "pepitas" as they are also known, are a good source of fiber. It really is a shame to see them splattered all over the ground headed for the dump after Halloween or Thanksgiving is over.

To preserve pumpkin seeds before you bake them, scoop them out from your pumpkin. You can wash them in water, and then spread them out to dry on some paper towels, or a clean dish-towel, or even a screen.

Some people purposely don't wash them, as they think they will be taking away from the flavor. Just take the strings of pumpkin pulp off of them.

They can be spread on a lightly oiled cookie sheet, and baked at 300 degrees F. until golden brown. Toss them occasionally, and keep them spread out well, and not piled on top of each-other.

You can eat them plain, or with your favorite seasonings. Garlic, onion powder and spices are common pumpkin-seed-recipes, which-ever you prefer.

If you like your leftover halloween-pumpkin-seed extra salty, you can soak them in some salty water overnight. Be sure to dry them out a little longer the next day before baking.

You can microwave your pumpkin seeds as well. Just spread a little olive oil in a microwave baking dish, and zap the oil for 20 or 30 seconds. Add the seeds, and mix them around a bit to pick up the oil. Microwave on high for approximately 8 minutes, making sure you stir often.

Microwave ovens and their degrees of power can vary, so be sure to keep an eye on yours while the seeds are cooking.

pumpkin seeds

Be sure to cool your pumpkin seeds well before you eat them.

Be sure they are cooled well before you store them in an airtight container either at room temperature or refrigerated. They will keep in the container at least a few weeks, maybe longer. I have seen variations of recipes which claim to conserve- pumpkin-seeds for up to a year.

I'm sure that just because of eating them so fast, they aren't around long enough to worry about it in most homes.

If you don't compost, this would be a good time to start, at least for your pumpkins and your seeds. If you don't want them, ask a neighbour if they would like them.

And, if pumpkin-seeds just aren't your type of snack, at least consider the animals and the birds. Conserve-pumpkin-seeds for them, because they will love it.

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