Flea Outbreak Solutions

Food grade diatomaceous-earth-flea-control for the flea-infestation-problems your pet might have brought into the home may be just what you need.

Diatomaceous-earth is used in gardens that suffer damage from slugs, caterpillars and a whole variety of other garden pests.

This earth, which in fact is not really earth, is a mixture made up from fossilized remains of a huge variety of algae, or diatoms. It's natural, and certainly works well towards reducing our carbon footprint when looking for the best solutions to getting rid of unwanted pests.

The microskeletons of these creatures are crushed into a very fine powder, which feels just like fine sand. This sand-like substance is extremely abrasive.

It's something that slugs mistakenly try to cross through in the garden.

The end result, is that these tiny fine granules make their way into the respiratory system of the pests. Dehydration occurs as well as extensive damage is done to the exoskeleton of the animal.

Death occurs mainly and primarily from water loss.

This concept can work in the fur of your pets against fleas and can work if sprinkled into the carpet areas of your home.

Though this is a non-toxic substance, you don't want to get this pest-control-powder in the lungs or in your eyes. It would simply feel uncomfortable for awhile.

When working this into the fur, avoid any contact with the eyes or mouth of your pet. You could wear a mask and put some kind of covering just to make sure, over the face of your pet as well.

After the powder has been applied, brush a little into your carpets, wait a few days and vacuum well.

This should remove any fleas and further flea-infestation-problems that might occur.

By the way, lemon peel is supposed to be very good worked into the fur of your dog, but apparently this is not good for cats.

You can also give a light dusting to animal beds, animal cages, and any other spots your pet frequents.

If you are not sure about using this method, check with your Vet. Let him know you have children or other small animals in the house as well if that's the case.

Get their opinion on food grade diatomaceous-earth-flea-control as opposed to the use of pesticides and other strong chemical-based solutions that are currently used to combat fleas.

The product may be "natural" but there still may be issues from their perspective.

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