Eco-Friendly-Cat-Litter Options
Silica Gel Crystal Cat Litter

The eco-friendly-cat-litter varieties available now are much safer forms of biodegradable-litter for cats. They are less harmful to our health too, as we inhale it without realizing.

The switch to this type of litter may be a bit of an adjustment for owners and cats at the same time. Most like the clay-based litters for a number of reasons that seem mainly to provide quite a few conveniences for the owner.

And who wouldn't? We are the ones who have to deal with the clean-up and disposal, which isn't always pleasant.

I remember discovering clumping-litter for the first time and feeling so relieved first of all at the fact that finally I didn't have to buy cat litter every second day it seemed. I didn't give an eco-friendly-cat-litter any consideration though, because I didn't realize it existed.

(I often thought an automatic cat litter box would be nice.)

The savings were huge. One or two uses by the cat didn't mean that the whole litter box had to be tossed. And you know how cats are. If one little thing isn't to their liking, they turn up their noses and do their business elsewhere in your house. A very clean litter box is usually top priority for a cat to continue to use it.

Cat urine on a rug is not a good thing at all.

Once I got past the dust and a few sneezes while filling up a box, it didn't matter anymore. All worth it to not have to replace the litter continuously, and clean-up was a breeze because there wasn't any really.

I didn't realize that sodium bentonite is the additive to the regular litters that gives it the ability to hold so beautifully and yet be dangerous.

I didn't know that the fine dust that came from the litter was like cement, which once breathed in, could cause some serious respiratory problems for my cats and me too I guess.

This can be a problem with cats, who while licking themselves constantly, can be doing some real harm while they are doing it.

Because of the cement-like properties, the dust will expand in the lungs, and apparently people and animals can be poisoned from it if they breath it long enough.

The eco-friendly-cat-litter brands are trying to solve all of these problems for us by providing a very natural cat litter.

I've been reading about Silica Gel Crystal cat litter that can also be flushed.

The gel crystals are made up of oxygen, water and sand. They are dye-free, perfume free, and being talked about as one of the best moisture and odor absorbent products out there.

I thought silica was harmful, but this product has been branded as eco-friendly, and I haven't read anything about it being harmful to humans. (If so, please let me know!)

We want to do what is best for our pets, but we have to be concerned about "us" too.

Lady With Cat

Feline-Pine is made from sawdust pellets.

What would normally end up at the garbage dump is turned into a concentrated mix minus the harsh chemicals. This becomes a much safer litter to use for the environment. The odors are absorbed by the pine. Feline Fresh Litter is similar to Feline-Pine.

Another type, World's Best, is made from whole kernal corn.

It clumps well, and does not have an unpleasant odor. It controls odor from the urine well. It can be flushed because it is biodegradable.

It does not contain the silica dust, and therefore your cat will not be tracking it everywhere through the house.

Precious Cat Litter is another brand, that is biodegradable and takes no time at all to decompose back into the earth. It is non-toxic, and traps urine quickly upon contact.

There are many varieties out there. Take a look at these Types of Cat Litter to choose from.

You could also use newspaper instead of any of the mixes.

Newspaper would be about the closest thing to an eco-friendly-cat-litter product there is.

I have done this, but found it to be one big soggy mess and the odor was almost unbearable. It would have to be changed very very frequently, after even once use only I would think. I wasn't a really a fan of using newspaper.

Cedar shavings is another option.

There are some mixed reviews on shavings.

Some report they can still smell something, while others report that their cats just don't like the new product, no matter what they do. And, there are people who report nothing but satisfaction with all products. You will have to decide what works best in your home.

It is recommended that when changing over brands of litter, just start with one-third the amount at a time mixed with your old brand. Gradually increase the new mixture over time, until your cat seems totally comfortable with it.

Again, you know how picky cats can be. If they don't like something, the item rarely gets a second look in their world.

Try an eco-friendly-cat-litter brand, and see how your pet reacts and adjusts to it.

There are many more healthier products now, and they are so much safer for humans and for the environment as well.

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